Wiksten Eucalypt Tank

A while back I ordered some cotton/silk fabric from the Wiksten Spoonflower shop.  I made a Grainline Scout tee (see here).   I’ve worn it a lot and had a bit of the fabric left over, so I thought I would try to eke out a tank for summer.  I had to add a center seam to the back, but I had just enough!DSC_0597I used the Megan Nielsen Eucalypt tank/dress pattern, which has become a staple for me.  I made the dress version with one of her kits, and sewed up a few as summer night gowns also.  This was my first tank version and I love it!  I have a few more pieces of fabric set aside for more of these, as I think they will be great for summer and even early fall with a jacket or cardigan.DSC_0543This fabric has zero stretch or even give to it, so I did have some trouble with the curve in the front neckline, and also the hem.  Since I’ve made this pattern so many times before I know it was just the fabric…I did manage to wrestle it into submission with clipping and lots of steam 🙂 Victory Patterns has a great tutorial on finishing curved edges (here).DSC_0604The pattern has a nice curved high/low hem- on my next one I may take a little off the back hem for a more subtle dip (and easier to work with curve!)  This pattern is super simple- no darts, which works well with my smaller than average chest…but may not be so great with those that are more well endowed, not sure.  I made the XS and took a bit of width from the side seam (about 3/4″ each side).  The neckline and armholes are bound with bias strips- I have some cream colored voile that I have been using for ages and it works really well, it is soft and flexible and the color matches a wide range of fabrics.DSC_0602DSC_0613I am pleased with this top, and am excited to crank out some more.  I think there are quite a few good simple tank patterns but this is the only one I’ve tried so far.  I’ve seen lots of Tiny Pocket Tanks and Wiksten tanks out there, and I am going to try out the Foxglove tank also, I like that the racer back gives it a bit different look than the others.  What’s your go-to tank pattern if you have one?

  • This looks wonderful! I really love the fabric and I’m glad you were able to eke something out of the last bit!

  • it looks great! i’m a wiksten tank girl but i do think that foxglove looks intriguing; drapier and i like the racerback too.

  • Ah, I love it when you have *just* enough fabric for another project, and this print is so perfect and summer-like! Total winner. I’m looking forward to making some tanks for the summer, but am planning to make up my own pattern(s) for them. We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

  • Nan

    I like the fabric you used and perfect for summer. May I ask what do you do with all the muslin you made for each pattern? I have been following your blog and you’ve made a muslin for each new pattern you make, do you take it apart and use it for something else? Thank you for sharing your amazing talents with everyone.

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much! If it is a pattern that I have other ideas for or think I might need to modify more I will keep the muslin so I can make the adjustments…but if not I will cut it up and use it for more muslins. Also I use the muslin fabric as a sew in interfacing sometimes. And then the really small scraps go in a bag with all of my little scraps- I am saving them up to stuff a big cushion 🙂

  • Great pattern & fabric combo! I love all the Wiksten designs on Spoonflower but have been a bit wary to order any since the Spoonflower fabric that I’ve bought in the past (canvas) faded really badly when I put it through the wash. How do you find fading with this lighter weight fabric?

    My favourite woven tank pattern is the Wiksten tank but I’ve also made Sorbetto & Tiny Pocket. I quite like trying out each company’s take on the tank- I think it can be a great way to find out which company’s patterns will fit us best

    • Kelly

      I am tempted by the Wiksten tank for sure…so- I used this fabric for a Scout tee that has been washed a lot, and it has faded quite a bit. If you put this tank next to it the difference is very noticeable! I intentionally picked a print that I thought would look OK faded because I had heard that about Spoonflower fabrics. So while I think this rustic print actually looks good faded you would definitely want to be careful with which ones you order 🙁

  • So cute! Great summer basic, and I really love the fabric.

  • this is gorgeous! i’ve been making the tiny pocket tank, but i’ve thought of giving this one a try for it’s lack of darts.

  • Great use for that last bit of fabric! I love the Foxglove tank — I might have to check that one out. Racerbacks just seem so sporty and summery to me. I’ve made the Wiksten tank a few times and have major gapage issues. I’m debating whether to try one last fix on it or just move on to the Eucalypt and Tiny Pocket Tank. I must admit that the idea of wasting 1.5 yards of fabric on a tank that may gape like crazy isn’t very appealing.

  • Alas, the perfect woven tank top pattern seems so elusive to me! Its something I’ve pondered while studying the fit of all the ones I’ve seen on sewing blogs and just think that maybe I should roll up my sleeves and try to draft one myself. I really like the shape of the neckline on the Eucalypt!

  • I love that top!

  • Lovely stuff 🙂 I just think curved hems on tops are so super flattering!

  • I just whipped up my first knit wiksten tank a couple weeks ago. I already have fabric cut for a second knit wiksten, it’s so comfortable. I thought your top was also a wiksten until I read the full post. Your tank is beautiful. I am so curious to know how the fabric washes. I’ve never owned or washed OR sewn cotton silk so I’ve been leery to purchase it since it’s not returnable. :-/

    • Kelly

      This is not my favorite fabric, as far as the base fabric goes (I LOVE the print). I prefer straight up silk but as with any fabric I think it can vary a lot. I bought another cotton/silk blend recently that feels totally different than this one. It washes up ok (hand wash!), but as other people have said Spoonflower fabric tends to fade a lot. If I ordered from Spoonflower again I would probably go with the silk crepe de chine. It’s hard to resist those Wiksten prints!