What’s New CopyCat? Polka Dot Grainline Moss Skirt

Let me start with my apologies to Jen of Grainline Studio, as I have totally and shamelessly copied her Polka Dot Moss Skirt.

DSC_0133Well, there was a small amount of shame involved, but not enough to stop me from driving to IKEA and buying the exact same fabric to make the exact same skirt.  But imitation is the sincerest form of flattery right?DSC_0143 - Version 2

This pattern came together like a dream, I did make a muslin but the only change I made was to lengthen it by an inch.  I made the size my measurements put me in and it fit perfect, imagine that!  DSC_0118

I think she must be making patterns just for me, because I am making an Archer shirt right now and I didn’t have to change anything on that one either.  So I promptly downloaded the Scout Woven Tee pattern and the Maritime Shorts pattern, I’m hoping they fit just as well!DSC_0138

I am quite proud of my polka dot matching skillz…I drew the dots on my pattern paper as I cut each piece (I use Swedish Tracing paper to trace all of my patterns).  Then I lined it up with the next piece and actually got a good match…I’m hoping I can conquer plaid next.DSC_0116

I like the way the fly is inserted; this was my second attempt at a zipper fly and it was a little different than the other one I did.  I felt like I got a really good end result (after I sewed a piece on backwards and had to unpick it-totally my fault though!)  The pockets are easy to put your hands in and actually stay put because they are caught in the center seam- no bunched up pockets, yay! 🙂DSC_0143

I feel like I want to make a bunch of these, (which probably won’t happen, let’s be realistic!!) but I am definitely making a denim version.  I have some really cool hemp and organic cotton denim that I think will look awesome.  I have never really considered myself a mini skirt kind of gal, but I feel like I can pull it off with tights or leggings underneath.  Gotta be able to wrangle the kiddos without being indecent!

  • Love the polka dots! Also with you on the Swedish Tracing Paper, that stuff is one of my saviors for tracing patterns (well that and my double tracing wheel gadget).

    • Kelly

      ooooooh, I want to hear more about this double tracing wheel gadget- is that for tracing seam allowances?

  • Suzanne Williams

    So cute! Really looks great on you, and I love the look with the leggings 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks!! Leggings or tights are a must for me these days, it’s hard to play with the kids when I am worried about flashing someone 🙂

  • This is SERIOUSLY cute! I’d be tempted to make one, too, if my IKEA carried fabric! 🙂 I’ve had this pattern on my to-sew list ever since it came out… gotta actually sew it!

    • Kelly

      You DO need to sew it- it would look super cute on you, I think! I just bought some really dark denim today to make another one 🙂 My IKEA is pretty far away, but I definitely check out the fabric whenever I make the trip.

  • Kate

    Polka dot skirt is really cute, but wow, those sandals are adorable!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! They are from a brand called Mohop, and you can change out the ribbons and tie them all different ways! I keep thinking I will make some fabric ribbon/straps for them too.

  • Love it!!! I must warn you, if I can find this fabric, you’ll have a triplet!!

    • Kelly

      Hahaha…do it!!

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