True Bias Hudson Pants + Another Scout Tee

When I saw the first previews of this pattern I knew I would be making these pants.  These are the Hudson Pants– the first pattern from Kelli of True Bias.  I was so excited to see that she was making a pattern;  I’ve always admired her style.  When she asked me to test the pattern I was thrilled because I knew I would be buying it anyway 🙂DSC_0347 This is my first version, from the test pattern.  I used some sweatshirt knit from my stash for the main fabric, and some french terry scraps I had leftover for the waistband and accents.  I usually use less expensive fabric when pattern testing, because I know the pattern may not have all the kinks worked out yet.  The only change I made was to add 1″ to the length because I have long legs.  I thought the fit was great!  DSC_0335For the final version of the pattern Kelli added a bit extra room to the calves/ankle cuff- not so much that you would notice a difference in pictures, but they will feel more comfortable.    She also changed the way the pocket detail is attached so it will lay flatter against your hip.  Small changes that made a great pattern even better!

DSC_0388 This pair is definitely more of an around the house or gym pair of pants, I am not really one to wear sweatpants out and about.  But depending on the fabric you choose I think they could be dressed up enough to wear more.  I like that I can wear them at home and be comfortable but not be in pajamas, so I can run to the mailbox or whatever and not feel like my neighbors are wondering why I am in my jimjams in the afternoon 😉  Fabric with a bit of lycra/spandex will hold it’s shape best- this pair can get a little stretched out after wearing them all day.DSC_0336 I also whipped up this little Grainline Scout Tee…the fabric is a cotton jersey with this cool city print on it.  It is a cheap jersey, and I generally try to avoid cheap knits because they are either super thin, or pill up (the worst!!) This stuff is OK, it’s pretty thin and curls like crazy but doesn’t seem like it will pill.  I ended up taking out the hem after these pics and just letting the bottom roll, since it was rolling anyway even with the hem.  The neckline and sleeves are just turned under and finished with my coverstitch machine.   DSC_0361So, back to the pants!  The pattern is out now, if you have been wanting to try out the world of pants sewing I think these are a great place to start!  Definitely suitable for a motivated beginner, I think.  And I saw on Instagram that Kelli is going to be doing a sew along in a couple of weeks, so if you feel like you need a bit more help that will be great I’m sure.  Although the instructions and diagrams in the pattern are stellar.  I am gushing a bit about this pattern, but it’s just because I love it!  I have fabric for two more pairs but I want to get some other sewing done first for a most awesome road trip that I have coming up 🙂DSC_0344

  • Very cool! Kelli has such great style, and I’m so excited for her pattern! Your pants look great, and I really like the tee. Here’s hoping it holds up well!

  • thank you so much for being such an awesome patten tester. You pants look amazing and I can’t to see your other pairs.

  • Love both of these on you! They’re too cool!

  • so cute on you! mine are sweatshirt knit and stretch out a bit through the day too; but yeah, sooooo comfy!! can’t wait to see your next ones.

  • Too fabulous girl! Love the whole thing, pants and scout! You will have to give me some hair tips, yours always looks so lovely and not crazy.

  • Love these! I have this pattern printed and cut out to sew this weekend hope mine turn out as awesome as yours!

  • They look both ridiculously comfy and good-looking! Lovely work 🙂

  • Hee hee, jimjams! These look great!

  • Love them! Awesome lounge pants are the best 🙂

  • I adore your city scout tee!! Coolest fabric! The pants are great too and the perfect non-jammie pants.

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