Seamly + Indiesew Summer Collection 2016

I’ve been a fan of Seamly for a long time, so when I heard they had paired up with Indiesew to release Seamly sewing patterns  I was super excited!! I knew I wanted to make them all.  First up is a Wrapped Cardigan…I used to own a RTW version of this one that I bought from Seamly and I loved it, so I am pretty thrilled to make my own!

DSC_0816With it being summer-ish I decided to try the sleeveless option.  I get cold easily so I love the option to basically wrap myself in a lightweight blanket, and not have the extra heat of sleeves.  Plus I just really, really like the way it looks!  I was able to sew this up in a morning and it is a fun make that I definitely couldn’t have figured out on my own- the pieces all come together like a vey cool puzzle!DSC_0812

I has very clever pockets that are hidden in the front facings:

DSC_0819And check it out- it works as a dress too!DSC_0883DSC_0896

I used a soy/organic cotton/spandex jersey I purchased locally here at Bolt.  You definitely want to use something with spandex for recovery, and also a fabric with lots of drape.  Along with the Seamly patterns Indiesew also has a fabric collection picked especially with these patterns in mind.  I haven’t used them personally but there are lots of colors available.  I would also recommend bamboo/spandex jersey- you can find it lots of places online.

Next up is the Vallynne Tank– I own a couple of the RTW version of these and wear them all the time, so I was excited to make more.  I opted to lengthen this one into a swingy dress for summer!

DSC_0525The fabric is an bamboo/cotton/spandex knit from Blackbird Fabrics, and it is super soft and lovely.  I decide to bind the neckline and armholes instead of the bands that are included in the pattern- I like the finish better, and if you want to do it too there is a great tutorial up on Indiesew to show you how!DSC_0539

The Basic Tee is the only pattern from the collection that I didn’t already own in RTW, and I had been saving this lovely charcoal striped knit that ended up being a perfect fit for this pattern.  It is a bamboo/spandex knit and is extremely soft and nice to wear- I want to live in this tee!DSC_0710DSC_0742DSC_0736 I am so happy to have three new basics that will get tons of wear- and they all play well together too- how great is that??










It looks like I am wrapping up the blog tour today- for more inspiration and other takes on these awesome patterns take a peek at the previous bloggers’ posts!



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***I Just wanted to add that these PDFs are really well done, they come together easily and I really loved working with them.  I made NO adjustments to any of the patterns for fit (obviously I lengthened the tank).  I really can’t recommend them enough, and I get absolutely nothing in return for saying that except the satisfaction that I am directing you to some awesome patterns that I know you will love 🙂  I received the patterns free of charge for participating in the blog tour but obviously all opinions are my own!