Pendleton Tote Bag

I am lucky- I live in a place with amazing opportunities for fabric shopping.  I recently visited the Pendleton Woolen Mill Store during their twice yearly fabric sale, and picked up some of their wool jacquard fabric.  I dove right in and made this tote bag!DSC_0023I wanted to keep it simple- the fabric is so amazing it doesn’t need a lot of design details to make a really cool bag.  I measured a couple of canvas tote bags I had to get an idea for the dimensions I wanted, and went from there.  I used some waxed canvas I had left over from making another bag for the bottom piece and the handles.DSC_0035For the lining I used an American Made Brand solid quilting cotton, and added a simple pocket.DSC_0037This was a fast project, everything came together easily and the wool was fun to work with.  This bag was a gift, and I had such a hard time giving it away that I went back and bought another piece of this fabric to make my own, haha.DSC_0043Can you blame me??  Would you like to see what else I got?DSC_0505Oh yeah 🙂  I can see a lot more bag making in my future!  Most will probably end up as gifts but you know I will be saving some for myself also….DSC_0026Oh- and the recipient of this bag told me she loves it, so I am happy 🙂

  • Ooooooh, love this! I went there the other day and was in LOVE. I can’t wait to move and fill my stash with Pendleton!!

    • Kelly

      Yes!! They are having another big sale in March, hopefully you will be here by then! 🙂

  • Jo

    Oh man! I WISH I lived near the Pendleton Mill – your haul is BEAUTIFUL! As is the tote, of course! They don’t even ship to where I am – I’ll just have to save up and make a trip specially 🙂 (Most expensive fabric shopping ever??)

    • Kelly

      haha, yes but Portland is a vacation destination unto itself- the fabric shopping would just be a bonus! 😉

  • This is so gorgeous. I’m obsessed with the other fabrics you purchased too! I love Pendleton wool. 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll get my hands on some of the fabric. 🙂 I am just now working on the retro rucksack. I’m thinking a second using Pendleton wool would be perfection.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! It’s funny, I was just thinking I should have another look at that pattern…thinking it would be a good match for the Pendleton wool 🙂

  • Oh wow, I love this bag! That wool is fantastic and I love it paired with the waxed canvas. A very beautiful gift – I would certainly be very happy if someone gave me this!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Suzie!

  • Wow, that fabric is amazing! Such a cool bag, the contrast in fabric types is awesome 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kirsten, I love how these fabrics look together!

  • Gooooorgeous! All those beautiful wools are just making me swoon. Very jealous you have such easy access to Pendelton Wools! I can only dream of such a stunning tote … sigh…

    • Kelly

      Thanks Sallie! Yes I feel so lucky- I actually drive past the Pendleton store every day when I take my daughter to school- so hard not to stop there all the time!!

  • really really awesome Kelly! Perfect touches and such beautiful materials. 🙂 more bags!!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much Anna! Yes I am totally inspired by this fabric to make all. the. bags. ha.

  • You have some lucky people in your life to be receiving bags like that! So amazing!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much! Yes it’s always a bit of a gamble making gifts for people…but I can’t see how anyone would not like a Pendleton bag 🙂

  • I’m always so jealous of your wonderful fabric shopping options, and this is no exception! Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to live vicariously through you and make it out to Portland for a fabric shopping trip someday 🙂

    This tote is gorgeous. Can’t blame you for wanting one for yourself!

    • Kelly

      Yes! You should totally plan a trip to Portland- it would be a great family vacation, there’s so much to do here plus….FABRIC SHOPPING. OH YEAH 🙂

  • I most certainly do not blame you for going back to get another piece of this fabric. It’s a gorgeous bag. I’m green with envy that you live so near to Pendleton. I think I will make a trip west with the specific intention of stopping to shop there.

    • Kelly

      It’s full of amazing stuff, that’s for sure! I didn’t mention in the post but I also picked up some silk there, and they have lots of other fabric too- wool shirting, chambray, sweatshirt fleece…so much goodness!

  • such a beautiful bag! i so badly need a cute tote bag, and oh that wool… gorgeous beyond words!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Lisa! Tote bags are such a quick make, and easy to customize…I want to try using some leather too.

  • R

    That fabric is amazing, and what a great choice of design to show it off. I agree, there are going to be some pleased people getting those presents!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much, I hope so!

  • Oh my gosh! I ADORE this bag! I am in love with it. Great idea to keep the bag simple to let the gorgeous Pendelton material do its job and look awesome.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kathy!

  • It’s soooo good! I love how a little Pendleton goes a long way, and how it works with the simplicity of the bag design. You must love you friends a lot. 🙂 I was just thinking what a shame it is that I’ve never visited the store (5-hour drive) and then realized that I’m heading down for a baby shower next month!! Oh, my morning is made- hopefully I can drag the family along!

  • That is so perfect.

    do they sell remnants other times of the year?

  • This is amazing! What a great gift! The colours are awesome!

  • This is AMAZING! Love love love Pendleton wool, and I love all the pieces you’ve chosen. Too fantastic!

  • Ijeoma

    You posts are very beautiful :).. They inspire me and make me feel joy whenever I look at them 😀
    Well done!!

  • This is pretty much the most gorgeous bag I’ve ever seen. *sigh*…wish I was on your gift list 😉

  • Lusty

    Beautiful bag! As someone taking up sewing again after about a 35-year hiatus, I have a stupid question about buying fabric that you fall in love with (damn you, Mood!) if you don’t have a specific project in mind. How much to get? Do you have typical amounts that you buy for your stash?

    • Kelly

      Thanks! Not a stupid question at all…usually I have some idea of what I want the fabric for, and my general guidelines are: for a t-shirt or tank, 1 yard (if it’s 55-60″ wide), pants 2 yards, dresses 2 1/2 yards, button up shirts 2 1/2 yards. But most of the time I don’t buy fabric unless I have a specific project in mind, although I may change my mind later 🙂 If it’s a really great stripey or solid knit I will usually buy 3-4 yards, because I can always find a use for those!

  • Suzanne

    I love this bag!! And your other pieces of the Pendleton wool are beautiful as well!! Very nice choices 🙂