Olive Tessuti Suzy Pant + Eucalypt Tank…an Aussie Ensemble

I had just finished up these Tessuti Suzy pants when I found out the lovely Reana was coming through town during her epic adventure….and being of the slightly crazy variety I decided I needed an entire Australian outfit for our meet up.  So I sewed up this Eucalypt tank the night before meeting her for breakfast.  Totally normal, right?DSC_0215The next morning I woke up to fall-like weather and ended up wearing jeans instead, OH WELL.  It was still fun indulging in a little theme outfit making 🙂

Sooooo….I realize pleated pants may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I lalalalaloooove these pants and wear them all the time!  I changed up the pattern just a bit by making the waistband flat in the front, and elastic in the back (see Kelli’s awesome version here).
DSC_0361 When I set out to make these I knew I wanted olive green, drapey, hopefully rayon fabric.  What I found was a shiny olive green rayon- I ended up using the matte “wrong” side for most of the pants but used the right side for the front waist band and the inside of the pockets for just a little shine.  I also like how it shows when I roll them up at the ankle 🙂DSC_0268 DSC_0341 DSC_0035 DSC_0042 Shiny on the inside….it also makes them feel really nice to wear!DSC_0029 The tank is my go-to tank pattern- the Eucalypt from Megan Nielsen.  I also ordered this fabric from her and it is a very soft and drapey rayon challis type fabric.  I made a dress for my daughter (here) with the bulk of it but had enough left over for this tank.DSC_0208 DSC_0287 DSC_0312Funny story- I loved these pants so much I dived into another pair in a black challis fabric.  I thought I would slim down the top part a bit for a closer fit, but totally failed to consider that I needed to be able to pull them up over my hips! DOH.  I think I can salvage them by adding a side or back zip….

  • these are great pieces! i’ve wanted a pant like this, but never got to it… they look so comfy!

  • i love this tank! I actually have some of that fabric too — still deciding what to do with it. I tend to fall in the “not my cup of tea” camp when it comes to pleated pants, but you’re definitely pulling these off! They’re kind of like kicked-up lounge pants. I bet they’re super comfy!

    • Kelly

      Yes! They feel like pajamas….I will definitely make a couple more 🙂

  • such a cute outfit!! I’ve been meaning to try Kelli’s flat front Suzie pants too. Love your fabric choices!!

  • love these. i am obsessed with olive green right now too. you look great. and thanks for the shout out.

    • Kelly

      So much olive green in my stash right now! But it’s a great color, I feel like it goes with everything 🙂

  • Chic and simple- perfect!

  • Gosh I really love the outfit. The colours and prints are fantastic together. You are lucky that your figure makes this kind of silhouette look amazing!

  • Awesome outfit! I can hardly imagine how comfy those pants are and they look great on you. The top too, obviously, anything out of that fabric would be amazing!

  • What a great outfit! Looks perfectly chic & comfy.

  • Wow, good call using the wrong side of the fabric for you “good” side! I also love that you used it for contrast. Looking great as always!

  • I think this is my favorite outfit you’ve had on the blog- simple but perfect! Both fabrics are so so great. Pretty sure I need those rayon pants in my closet now! I recently made some pants with a similar fit and can’t stop wearing them, so this is the obvious next step- maybe I’ll line them in fleece or something to wear through the fall and winter. 😉

    • Kelly

      Ooooo, fleece lined pants…sounds heavenly 🙂

  • oh yeah, i’ve seen this outfit in person! high five! it’s awesome.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kristin!

  • Really nice! I’m going to check out these pants, like the elastic/plain front look.

  • I love this outfit, very understated chic! Everything you make always looks flawless…

    • Kelly

      Awwww, thanks so much!!

  • What a great outfit! Both pieces are chic, but relaxed… perfect!

  • I LOVE these pants! Oh my god I need this pattern right now. The only problem is I’m trying to sew from my stash and I don’t think I have any suitable fabric that isn’t scheduled for another make… but they look so comfy and chic and would be such a great alternative to the leggings and sweats I wear all day long. That fabric is also fantastic with the shiny / matte sides—so nice, and I am also a diehard lover of the Eucalypt tank. Best fitting tank pattern for me by far (and I’ve tried a LOT).