Named Jamie Jeans

You guys, I am so excited- I made jeans!  Finally!!  I know I have been threatening to make jeans for quite some time now….hoarding denim and gathering supplies.  But until recently there weren’t any patterns out that I was super excited about.  When I saw the Jamie Jeans by Named, I knew I had found my first pattern.  So here they are!DSC_0120They are not perfect, but they are pretty darn close.  And I made zero changes to the pattern- none!   There are a few small adjustments I will make next time, but overall I am happy with them and have worn them pretty much every day since I made them!

I know there has been a lot of interest in this pattern, so I want to go into some detail and share my experience/thoughts on this pattern with you…if you are not into that feel free to skip it 😉

So let’s start with printing…the pattern is formatted for the standard European paper size (A4) which is a little longer than the standard size here in the US.  I thought about hunting down some A4 paper, it’s available on Amazon and office store websites, but I had some US legal size paper (which is longer) and that worked just fine.  The good news is you only have to print and tape 12 pages, the bad news (for some) is that you have to trace it because the pattern pieces overlap.  I always trace my patterns so didn’t think that was a big deal.

The instructions were pretty well explained for the most part, but there are no pictures or diagrams AT ALL.  And I definitely needed a visual reference on some of the steps.  Lucky for me (and you!) I found through Pattern Review a lovely lady named Jennifer has posted step by step photos and instructions for this pattern on Flickr.  Yeah.  I am so thankful for the work she put into this, because I think there would have been a lot of frustration trying to figure out some of the steps without her photos.  It sounds like they are taking all of this input and working to improve future patterns based on the feedback people are giving, so I would imagine we’ll see some diagrams on the future patterns.

I found the pattern to be very well drafted- everything came together nicely without any problems, notches all lined up and everything looks very professional.  My measurements fit exactly into a size 36 (US 4), and as I said I made them up with no changes at all.  For next time I will add some width to the calves- they are a little too tight there and that seems to be a common complaint amongst people who have made them so far.  I would also lower the rise just a little- they hit at kind of an in between spot on me where they want to slide down a bit.  I’ve been wearing them with a belt and they’ve been fine that way.  But that’s it, otherwise I am happy with them!  DSC_0151The rear view…hehe.  I know you guys need to see it but I always feel a little funny posting pictures of my bum.  And it was so cold taking these- I am not loving winter photo shoots!  DSC_0183The actual sewing was not so hard, my main issues were the buttonhole and belt loops.  My machine does pretty well with topstitching thread- I use regular thread in the bobbin, a topstitching needle, and I have to loosen the tension pretty much all the way.  But when I was sewing the belt loops on it was just too many layers and I had to switch back to regular thread.  It’s not noticeable at all though.  I ended up hand sewing the buttonhole, but I probably could have used regular thread there too and been fine.  A note on topstitching-  I think these jeans look good with non-contrasting topstitching, and it is way less stressful because any little bobbles you have are not noticeable like they would be if you were using a contrasting thread color.  DSC_0184So if you have been on the fence about making these I hope this gives you a little push to get started!  This was such a satisfying make, and I love wearing them.  I also made this top and scarf, but I will write a follow up post for those guys soon, I feel like I have rambled on enough for now…DSC_0118


  • Amazing! They look SO professional! And I loved getting your updates on instagram 😀

    • Kelly

      Thank you! It kept me going to have people cheering me on along the way 😉

  • Wowwww! You made JEANS! And they look like real jeans! I can’t believe the fit is so good straight off the pattern, that is good news. They look like a lovely shape on you too. Tick that one off the sewing bucket list…

    • Kelly

      Yes! So excited to have them work well straight away….can’t wait to see your version 😉

  • They look great! And thanks for all the tips. These are definitely going on my list of patterns to see for myself.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! I definitely recommend this pattern, they’ve done a great job with it!

  • Wow they look so great! The fit is perfect.

    • Kelly

      Thank you Kirsty!

  • These are amazing! Thanks for giving a thorough review — I’ve been very curious about this pattern since it’s release. It’s been on my to-sew list and now I know I will make it a priority to tackle as soon as I can!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! After making those pants for your husband you should have no problem with these!

  • Wow! Jeans are on my list too, I just hope I get as lucky with the fit as you did! These look professional and great on.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Margo! I totally got lucky…I didn’t even make a muslin first which is not my style usually 😉

  • Kelly – these are amazing! You need to treat yourself to something special….you made JEANS! That is amazing!!! I definitely want to make my own jeans, one day 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks Teresa! You definitely have the skills to make these, all of your makes look so professional!

  • i’m super happy to see that these turned out so great! i can’t believe that is the fit straight out of the envelope. lucky you! these look completely profesh, and i love your decision to use matching topstitching thread, keeps them a little more dressed up. great work!

    • Kelly

      Thank you Lisa! And I should have mentioned that I used your technique for the corners and it worked great! I noticed on my favorite pair of RTW jeans the waistband is just one piece folded over and topstitched- I was wondering what you would think of that. It would certainly make clean corners easier 😉

  • I think these look great! I know there are a few things you said you’d like to change next time, but they certainly look as good (or better) than most of the RTW jeans I own! Awesome job 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!

  • Jennifer Russell

    Oh my, those do look amazing! I like your denim and I like the pocket without the reverse. I’m so glad the photos were a help, I’ve been so excited by this pattern and I didn’t want anyone to be discouraged from trying them. I think they do look fab without any contrast stitching and actually I’ve just finished a similar pair although I did still do the contrast pocket trim. It may be harder to photograph the details but I know in real life, the panel seams show up well. Also, it’s good to keep in mind with denim, any ridges like the leg seams and the pocket panels will wear and fade so they only become more prominent with time.

    • Kelly

      Thank you Jennifer! I am sure a lot of people will be able to benefit from your photos, so great. I think I may try the contrast pocket trim next time, just to shake things up a bit 🙂 And I have all sorts of colored and polka dot denim to make many more of these! I am thinking it wouldn’t be too hard to re-draw the front to be like standard style jeans….we’ll see how that goes 😉

      • Jennifer Russell

        Yes, I think that would be easy and I was thinking the same. I’ve got three pair with the distinctive details so I need a simplified version if I make them again. I don’t think there is any shaping in the front panel, so to do it, I would just tape the two pieces together and retrace the front. Then the pocket could be swapped for a standard curved opening but in essentially the same place as the current pocket. Second only to the fit, I absolutely love all the details of these pants, however if they weren’t as distinctive, I really could wear them every day without feeling conspicuous. Also, I made my last pair from non-stetch denim and that worked fine. But I had already altered my calf, and I’m sure that was required.

  • Nan

    Wow, thank you for the review and the pix. They look really good on you!!!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!

  • Oh these have turned out so fabulously! And I can’t believe you got away without making any changes – you must be pretty much smack-bang on the shape/dimensions they create for 🙂 What a win! I’ve seen two other awesome versions of these, and I love the seaming down the front legs so I might have to give them a whirl. And thanks for freezing your butt off for us – the pictures look great!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! Yes, I feel like I should make more of their patterns as they seem to have designed them just for me 😉 Although I think everyone who has made these jeans that I’ve seen look great and they are happy with them. I think I need to make all jackets and other warm clothes until springtime, ha!

  • Amy

    Wow! Your jeans look great! I’ve been curious about the Named patterns, but I haven’t tried them out. (The baby bump puts a bit of a damper on most indie patterns!) I can’t believe they fit so well without any changes. I hope you’ll be making more – these are fantastic!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! Yes, I have several more planned…when I was pregnant I bought jeans and cut the top off, and added a stretchy band- perhaps if you were feeling super motivated you could make a pair of maternity jeans! I found myself wearing them for about 6 months after baby too…it took a while to get back to a normal shape.

  • wow these are awesome you did a really great job! Very lucky to get such a great fit without any alteration 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! Yes, very lucky…my last pair of pants took several muslins and a LOT of changes, so these were a really nice change.

  • Jen

    So cute! I’ve been wanting to try out one of their patterns and maybe this is the one. Love the pocket details and they look super awesome on you!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Jen!! These would look great on you, I feel like I could live in these jeans and a bunch of Archers 🙂

  • These are so awesome! They fit you SO WELL!!! I am super impressed – love the design of the Jamie Jeans 🙂 And I have to ask – where did you get those BOOTS?! I love them! 🙂 They are perfect w/ your outfit!

  • Kelly, these look incredible! They are totally legitimate jeans, down to the button and top-stitching! I’m so impressed. I’ve been thinking about this pattern and your project may push me over the edge! Did you end up using the recommended amount of stretch or did you use something stiffer? Congratulations!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Morgan! This pattern leads you to really professional results, and I made sure to take my time on the pockets especially- I think any wonkiness there would be a giveaway that they are “home made” 😉 The denim I used doesn’t have a lot of stretch- If I had to guess I would say maybe 2% lycra? The pattern doesn’t specify how much stretch, I think it depends on how tight of a fit you are looking for. I would definitely add a bit of room to the calf area, and maybe baste a leg together to check the fit before you move on- I will probably add 1/2″ or so to the next pair, I feel like the calf area is tighter than the rest of the pant leg.

  • The fit straight out of the packet are impressive. Your construction looks perfect. I remember my first fly – that wasn’t so pretty! Isn’t it great when you find such a great pattern 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you! Yes, love this pattern and feel lucky that they fit so well. I have sewn a few flys, but I think this one was the easiest to put together.

  • been meaning to comment this whole time – you’re amazing! jeans! you did it! they look awesome. and now you have TWO. 😉

    btw Mill End has some great denim options, not sure if you saw those. i was impressed.

    • Kelly

      Haha, thanks! Yes, I still need to make more but two is better than one 😉 Jackets, Archers and jeans- oh my…these are my winter plans. And maybe some knitting 🙂 I have a crap-load of denim in my stash, but if I ever run out I will hit up Mill End for sure…

  • I love these! You pushed me over the edge and I decided to try these! I love them! I just finished my pair. 🙂 I’m totally about to go buy more fabric so I can make a few more pairs and perfect the fit 😀

  • Love the jeans and I love the lacy top too! The jeans are a great fit. Impressive!

  • These look great! I just found your post through a search for this pattern and I’m so impressed! Great job!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much!! After wearing them for a while there are a few little tweaks I want to make in the next pair, but I was impressed the pattern fit so well without any changes 🙂 Can’t wait to see yours!

  • Aunty Maimu

    Very lovely jeans indeed! What kind of fabric did you use? Stretch, non stretch?
    Also how big are the seam allowance on this pattern?


    • Kelly

      The denim I used has just a little stretch to it, not a lot…I think it is something like 98% cotton, 2% lycra. The seam allowances are 1cm. It’s a great pattern, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it although the instructions are fairly minimal.

  • So nice! Now I’m even more excited to get going on my pair!

  • I just found your blog by doing a search for the Jamie Jeans and I love how your jeans turned out! I really want to make them now; I would love to have a pair of jeans made by me. I’ve been seeing so many great makes from this pattern too. Do you think this pattern is do-able if I have never sewn pants before? Also, about how much yardage does the pattern require? Looking forward to reading more of your blog!

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