Miz Mozelle Gets Hacked

One of my goals of Me-Made-May has been to refashion any handmade items that are banished to my closet and never worn.  So here’s the first one!  This week I took the scissors to my Miz Mozelle maxi dress:image

It looks pretty cute, right??  But that skirt is tight, and the top is not, and it ended up looking kinda weird. And it just wasn’t super flattering, especially if I ate a big meal 🙂  So I hacked that thing up, it was fun!  The bottom half easily turned into a maxi skirt, just by adding an elastic waist at the top.DSC_0052DSC_0060

I wear will wear this skirt a lot, it is so comfy and easy.  So what to do with the bodice?  When I made the dress I really took my time matching the stripes up as I was cutting and sewing it up, and I definitely didn’t want it to go to waste.  But it was pretty short after taking the skirt off.  I tried adding a band at the bottom….meh.  I haven’t really been on board with the whole peplum thing but I thought it might work so I decided to give it a try!DSC_0064

I drafted a circle skirt to attach to the bodice, with a little help from the ladies over at By Hand London– thanks for figuring out the maths for me ladies!  I wasn’t sure how the stripes would look in circle formation but I think it looks pretty cool!



The peplum is definitely growing on me, it feels very fun and feminine.  And it twirls, not that I do a lot of twirling (at least not in public).DSC_0076 DSC_0077What do you think about the peplum trend, love ’em or not?


  • I’ve not yet tried to peplum trend… my belly is already my widest point and i’m afraid of making it even more wider. but yours is cute, especially with the twirl

  • Suzanne Williams

    Love it!! So cute and feminine 🙂 And I love that you turned the one dress into two new fashion pieces for your wardrobe!!