‘I, Kelly of Cut Cut Sew, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear one handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2013’

Yay!  It’s my first time participating in Me-Made-May!  I am excited…and a little nervous!  I usually wear a lot of handmade items anyway, but making a conscious effort to wear something handmade every day will be a fun challenge.  I also hope it will help me figure out what items are lacking in my wardrobe, and I am also going to refashion some of the handmade items that sit in my closet and don’t get a lot of wear.  I am going to try to take a picture everyday, but I am not focusing on that aspect of it because I didn’t want that to keep me from participating.

Are you joining in for Me-Made-May this year?  If you have done it before, what was the hardest part, and what did you learn?  Any advice for a newbie?

  • Zoe

    That’s such an awesome idea! I look forward to the pictures. I’m definitely doing that next year when I have more hand made clothes to wear. Oh wait, I have to wear a uniform everyday for school, it’ll have to wait until I’ve graduated! Still I love the idea of it.

  • Jo

    I’m a newbie too, so no advice but I’m looking forward to seeing your outfits. Like you I’m trying not to focus on the pics, I agree that the main thing is to enjoy wearing our handmade 🙂

  • have fun! i’m not officially participating, but it will be fun to see all the recaps online

  • Great idea! I definitely don’t have enough handmade items for myself to do that… maybe next year! Good luck!

    • Kelly

      You should do it, it is so much fun…it’s like a big party over on the Flickr group, everyone is so nice and supportive of each other- I love it! And you don’t have to have too many items if you don’t mind recycling, and also some people only pledge a few times a week instead of every day 🙂