Me Made May Is Over

Ha….that title pretty much says it all!  I love participating in Me Made May, but boy am I glad to be done with taking pictures every day.  And so is my 6 year old, who took almost every picture you see here!  I pledged to wear all me made clothing for the entire month, and I did it!  I think what I learned was pretty common- I need more pants.  I like to wear separates.  If I wear a dress I prefer it to be a maxi.  I want to make a jean jacket.  I pose with my hand on my hip too much 😉  Me Made May 2014I’m not going to list everything I’m wearing but if you have a question about what pattern something came from or whatever just ask in the comments.

I’m pretty happy to have an almost entirely me made closet.  I have no desire to shop in stores anymore.  That may change someday, and that’s OK.  But for now I love making my own clothes and saving my shopping for fabric and patterns 😉  Thanks for all of the support and inspiration all month long!  That is my favorite thing about MMM- seeing everyone else with their awesome creations.

  • i love your wardrobe too!!! and props to your 6-yr old photographer 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks Lisa! I’ll tell her, she was pretty proud to have that job even though she got sick of it 🙂

  • i’m gonna say it – you’re my favorite “me made maker!” love how much variety there is in your wardrobe, how many “basics” there are. and it does seem pretty obvious that the indie pattern world is lacking non-legging pants patterns, eh?

  • I love your style, Kelly, and I’ve loved all the Lane Raglans you’ve been making – so much so that I’ve just bought the pattern this week! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Kelly

      Ooo fun! That is a great basic pattern, you could make so many different variations…I want to get away from the sweatshirts and make some tees for summer 🙂

  • I found your whole MMMAY wardrobe very inspiring. Like I said, its so wearable and it shows that you know what you like to wear and what suits you! And if you pose with your hand on your hip too much, then I pose looking down at my shoes too much 😉

    • Kelly

      Awwww, thanks Sophie! I get so much inspiration from your style, I always love seeing what you make! And I don’t think you have a problem with posing, your pictures are always beautiful 🙂

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