Made By Rae Washi Expansion Pack

Oh hello there!  I just discovered these pics on my desktop and realized I haven’t blogged about it yet, so I thought I would share!  Things as always have been busy around here, and I am deep into making my first pair of jeans so I thought it would be nice to come up for air for a brief moment, hehe.  I was recently asked to test the newest offering from Made By Rae, which is the Washi Expansion Pack.  A very cool idea- it includes all sorts of options to add to the original Washi dress pattern- two different peter pan collars, two bow collars, a couple different sleeves, a lining for the bodice, elastic casing in the back instead of shirring….you could mix and match these and never have the same dress twice!  I tried out the pointed peter pan collar and little pointed cap sleeves.DSC_0025*can you see the goosebumps on my arms?  It was about 40 degrees taking these out on our deck….brrrrr!

I cut out this dress about a year ago and it has been hiding away unfinished since then, so I was happy to get motivation to sew it up!  The fabric is some cotton (?) shirting from Joann’s, and I added a little piping in the waist seam to tie in the collar, I like how it turned out!

I lined the bodice and added a casing for elastic instead of the shirring in the original pattern…I really wanted to try out shirring with a chain stitch on my coverstitch machine, but couldn’t get it to work- has anyone out there with a coverstitch machine been successful with this?  I tried all sorts of tension adjustments and just couldn’t even get close.DSC_0060I have to point out that my collar doesn’t lay as smoothly as it should, and that is entirely my fault.  When I got the pattern for testing there were no grain line markings on the collar piece, and I was not patient enough to wait for the new piece.  Also it was a little short and I think I stretched it a bit to get it to meet up in the center.  So with the new pattern piece there is a little extra length, and proper grain line marking which I am sure would resolve my little issue.  (Although I don’t think it is as noticeable in person as it is in these pics.)DSC_0065If you like the original Washi Dress pattern I think this is a very worthwhile investment to have all these variations to mix and match…keep an eye out for the release soon at Made By Rae!

**I guess I should make note that I am not paid or otherwise compensated by Rae, I just really enjoy testing her patterns when given the chance, and I do get a free copy of the pattern after it is released.  All of my opinions are honest and my own 🙂

  • it’s so pretty! love the blue and the pointy collar/sleeves. nicely sewn!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kristin!

  • Its adorable! Such a pretty make and I can totally see the goosebumps on your arms. Get back inside, woman!

  • Kelly

    Thanks! Haha, yeah I was only out there for about 5 minutes (while my kids laughed at me through the window).

  • Very cute! I really like the bow collars in the expansion pack. I have a thing for pussy bows these days 🙂

  • So cute Kelly! I too have been outside in the freezing cold taking pictures!!! LOL!

  • Lou

    Hi i’m new to your blog! This is a great dress, I really want to get the washi dress pattern soon. I love the sleeves!
    Lou 🙂

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