Lane Raglan Sweatshirt, Take Three

Do you get the impression that I like this pattern?  I do.  I’m probably done with sweatshirts until fall but I may use it for some t-shirts this summer 🙂  Here’s my latest Lane Raglan sweatshirt, same as the others (here & here) but with a bit of lace…DSC_0051 The main fabric is a soy/organic cotton/lycra french terry.  I love this stuff, it feels great to wear.DSC_0074 DSC_0089 DSC_0134I have so many finished projects to share, most haven’t been photographed yet, but I am hoping to get caught up soon.  If you follow me on Instagram you have probably seen some Julia cardigans, some Nettie bodysuits, and I just started on a pile of tank tops for Back 2 Basics week with Katie at The Creative Counselor.  I am also planning to play along with Sew Busy Lizzy for Jeans in June & July!  I really need some more jeans.  And I have a new bag in the works, and a Rigel Bomber ready to be cut out, a BHL Anna pattern arriving in the mail that I just washed the fabric for…does anyone else have a list like this??  And I have less time than I used to because I decided to start enforcing a bed time for myself…it has done wonders for my mood and energy, but giving up those extra hours every night is so hard.  Oh well…definitely first world problems, right? 😉

  • i definitely have a list like that too! so many things that need blogging, so many things to make… never enough time! a regular bedtime is definitely a good thing. i’ve mostly quit sewing at night, but my daytime sewing is pretty limited as well… yes, first world problems! love your sweatshirt, the fabric sounds amazing!

    • Kelly

      I am just getting where I can sneak in a bit of sewing during the day, it’s nice!

  • This is so me! My list of unblogged makes and projects to do just keeps growing. A bedtime is a good thing. I try but more often than not I ignore the 10pm alarm I set for myself. Maybe I’d be better if it was 11…

    This is another great raglan sweatshirt! Love the lace detail.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Katie! I stop whatever I am doing (usually sewing) at 10pm and then wind down with a cup of tea and a book…with a hard bedtime of 11pm but usually earlier than that. It’s so hard because I am most definitely a night person- at 10 I am still wide awake! But the girls get up at 7am, and I am a much better mom with a full nights sleep…

      • Haha! I know how that goes. My kids have color changing clocks to keep them in bed until 6:45! I really need to reexamine the bedtime thing.

  • Awesome sweatshirt! I’ve been wanting to make this pattern and all the versions popping up aren’t helping.. I’m gonna have to cave and finally get it!

  • Wow, this looks so cute! I need some new sweatshirts this fall. Gotta make a mental note of that! I hear you re: the to-do list! Mine is feeling so out of control that I’m struggling to focus and haven’t been very productive the last couple of days. 🙁 I really need to prioritize what I really want to wear, figure out what I can actually get done, and get to work, but I’m feeling really frazzled. Ick!

    • Kelly

      It’s hard! I feel like everything on my list is stuff I REALLY want to make, and I have already bought fabric for…I just need more time! I had to ask myself recently though- do I want to be a good sewist/blogger, or do I want to be a good mom (the answer is…obvious) I can get a lot done if I stay up late sewing, but then I am just tired all day and don’t really engage with my kids the way I want to. So, sleep wins…for now 🙂

  • Great sweater! How did you do the V at the neck? Do you have a cover stitch machine? Making a sweater myself and am pondering how to achieve the neck triangle thingy. Oh and I definitely have sewing lists like that! About as long as my arm.

  • Loving these sweatshirts, I really need to make one! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you- no pun or anything- te hee!

  • Love this sweatshirt! What a great, classic, comfy piece! And the fabric sounds delicious!

  • Emily

    haha, my list is like that!

    The other day I marveled that I was in such a good mood, and had so much energy – it was all because I had gotten a good night’s sleep the night before. Sad that it is so unusual. But good job on the bedtime!

    I really like your raglan sweatshirts. I’ve made one tee from this pattern, I should definitely try making a sweatshirt. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Great, sweatshirt, that tiny lace detail makes it special and I love the grey/green colour.

    Yes, my to-sew list is CRAZY long right now and I’m really having to prioritise what to make first!

  • That fabric looks heavenly, and I adore the lace 🙂 I applaud you for your bedtime efforts. I am a life long night owl too and I can’t break the cycle! Even having to leave for school at 7 am for the last three years hasn’t forced me to go to bed before midnight. Maybe I need to lose a privilege…

  • This is gorgeous! I hadn’t seen that pattern before, but it looks lovely. I like what you’ve done with the lace – adds just a subtle hint of girliness.

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