Knit One…

Doesn’t it seem like everyone is taking up knitting these days?  It seems like all of my favorite sewing bloggers are either getting back into knitting, or learning to knit for the first time.  I just recently started knitting again too, after a history of many stops and starts.  I jumped back in with the popular (and free!) Honey Cowl pattern.DSC_0266 (1)

I used Madelinetosh Pashmina in Sea Salt, which is totally dreamy and soft.  I was careful to swatch and measure and get this to the exact dimensions of the pattern, mainly just to practice following a pattern.  I even blocked it, so proud of myself, ha. 🙂  Now I am working on some matching fingerless mitts made up in the same yarn.DSC_0055

My grandmother was a knitter, and she taught me to knit when I was young (around 10 years old?).  I have vague memories of learning from her, and would knit little projects off and on like hats and scarves, but never learned how to follow a pattern.  It’s enough that whenever I pick it up again it’s like my hands have some memory of what to do, it all feels familiar.

DSC_002410 year old me with my grandmother

She had a tradition of knitting Christmas stockings for all of the babies that were born into our family, or spouses that married into the family.  So we all have one of these:DSC_0017

When she was unable to knit any longer my brother took over and made a few, including one for my husband and my oldest daughter.  But by the time my littlest arrived, his life had become decidedly busier after the birth of his own child, and he hasn’t been able to make one for my youngest daughter.  So one of my big motivations to pick up knitting again is to get a stocking made for her by next Christmas!  My mother gave me a copy of my grandma’s instructions, and I have to say I am pretty lost with them right now.DSC_0019But the good news is I have almost a year to figure it out 🙂  And I would love to knit some big slouchy sweaters, and maybe even some owls.  I am Kellylc on Ravelry if you want to meet up over there, I would love to see what you guys are working on!


  • This looks great! I think it’s the weather– it’s been so cold and gross in the northern U.S. and Canada that you kinda just want to wrap yourself in warm stuff from head to toe! The stocking is so cute! What a nice tradition! My mom sews a stocking for babies and in-laws for their first Christmas in the family, but they’re all different.

  • what a sweet family tradition! and i love the yarn you are using, very pretty!

  • You are so right! Lately my instagram feed is all about the knitting and as a knitter myself, I love this! Anyway, I’m glad you pushed on and made this cowl using the Pashmina! Looks great and is probably a delight to wear (nothing so scrumptious as cashmere!). Looking forward to seeing what you knit next! I’m moonkun on Ravelry and moonkun76 on instagram.

  • Love your cowl, the colours are soft and so pretty! It’s a good idea to knit mitts in the same yarn, so you will have a matching set. I have all sorts of mismatched gloves and scarves that look kind of mad worn together 🙂

  • it’s beautiful! you can definitely knit, my dear, and i’m jealous your grandma taught you young and it “comes back” so quickly – i don’t have that, though i did/do with sewing from my mom doing it when i was little.

    i think i saw the knitting trend happening last winter and kinda sorta jumped aboard, but this year i’m in full tilt. it’s just so perfect this time of year! i’m sure you can figure out that stocking pattern by next year if you stick with it, fo sho.

    • Kelly

      Last year I said I wouldn’t knit….didn’t need another hobby. But this year I couldn’t resist! You’ll pick up knitting quick (you already have!)

  • Suzanne Williams

    Beautiful post! Grandma would have loved it 🙂 The cowl turned out really pretty!

  • Sarah Jo

    Lovely! I almost jumped on the knitting bandwagon, but I can barely sew what I’d like so I didn’t want my hobbies to compete with the little free time I have! A friend owns this yarn business and I think it is beautiful!

  • I love that picture of you and your grandma! So sweet. Your cowl looks so soft and warm. I am also on a knitting kick right now…must be the time of year.

  • Awh, it’s beautiful! I have a skein of Pashmina that I haven’t used yet – it’s the softest yarn!

    My grandma taught me how to knit and because of that it’s a skill that I cherish and almost feel sentimental about. Ha ha, those notes look difficult, but once you get the hang of patterns you’ll figure it out!

  • um, how am i not following you yet? fixing that stat.