Knit Cascade + Striped Nettie

I am trying to get caught up with some of my summertime makes, here are two- a knit Cascade Skirt (pattern by Megan Nielsen) and a stripey Nettie Bodysuit (Closet Case Files).
DSC_0095I’ve made a Cascade Skirt before (here) and loved it- the skirt is an easy make with a dramatic look.  I tried it out in a knit this time around and it worked great!  The fabric is cotton/spandex jersey.  I shortened the length in the back a bit- it is still slightly high/low but just not as much.

DSC_0066I sewed the hem with the rolled hem option on my serger- so easy!!  The hem of this skirt goes for miles so it was nice to just zoom along quickly on the serger and be done with it.  I tested it out first on some scraps to get the tension and feed just right, because I didn’t want the hem to be wavy.  I used wooly nylon thread which I think gives it a bit of a nicer look than the regular serger thread.DSC_0107 This is actually my third Nettie- I made three right away (black, navy and this striped one).  I really like them but after wearing them for a while I think I need to play around a bit with the sleeve cap/shoulder height…it seems like there is too much height there for me.  It was especially noticeable on this version with the scoop back-  I always felt I was in danger of the shoulders slipping off.  I came up with a fix that I will show you a bit further down…DSC_0125I really love my bodysuits for wearing with higher waisted skirts- I hate wearing shirts tucked in and having them shift around during the day.  I did add snaps down in the nether regions for easy potty breaks and am glad I did, even though it adds a bit more work to the project.  The fabric is a rayon/lycra knit from Wanderlust fabrics.  I like it but I wonder how long it will hold up without pilling…so far I have babied it and kept it out of the dryer, so far so good…DSC_0012 So, to keep from having any wardrobe malfunctions I decided to add bra strap carriers to my Nettie and it works like a charm!  I used this helpful tutorial from Dixie and she explains it way better than I could.  Super fast and easy, and now when I wear this top everything stays where it should!DSC_0004The Cascade was made to twirl….DSC_0157DSC_0148More summer makes to come….

  • I love this outfit and think that the Nettie is perfect for high waisted skirts taking notes. Nice save on the shoulders potentially slipping too. Nice fix. Love it all!

  • Such a beautiful skirt! You’ve got me wanting one of my own now!

  • Gorgeous outfit! The skirt is so attractive in that length and in jersey and with that rolled hem, my my !

  • This is AMAZING! So gorgeous! I want…

  • Such a chic outfit! I love the skirt in a solid colour – the style is a bit too froufrou for my personal taste but in a black drapey knit I really like it. You’ve reminded me I really need to start wearing my Nettie around and see how the fit is. I made my scoop back slightly narrower in the hope it will stay on my shoulders……

  • I’ve had Megan’s Cascade skirt on my list of makes for way too long. Love your version!

  • Wow, nothing frumpy about these knits! Love the drama of the scoop back the strap loops are a good solution.

  • oooooooooooo both of these! beautiful! knit cascade skirt is such a great call; probably the comfiest ever. i love when your ballet training shows in your photos too, btw. 🙂

  • Beautiful! Love the skirt in a plain colour.

  • Absolutely PERFECT combo!

  • i just love this combo! making the cascade in a knit is a stroke of genius. so smart to do the rolled hem, i really like the look. such a chic outfit!

  • This is the perfect outfit! I love the cascade in a knit, and with the slightly altered high/low hem, and you just can’t go wrong with a striped Nettie! I have a striped one too made out of rayon/lycra and I just machine wash cold and hang dry and so far no pills. Anyway, such a great classic look! I love it!

  • Love the whole look! What a great idea to make the cascade in a knit. I’m a big fan of bra hooks too, just put some in my last make. They really do make such a difference.

  • Beautiful outfit! So lovely and twirly. I love the skirt in a knit and being able to do a serged rolled hem is definitely a plus! I need to make another Nettie or two, such a great basic pattern. Though I now make mine as t-shirts — I just couldn’t do the bodysuit thing!

  • This all looks so comfy! I love that the bodysuit is deceivingly simple with its secret snaps and bra carriers. I find that those extras make things all the more fun to wear! Also, way to use the serger rolled hem, it looks great!

  • Seriously, I LOVE what you’ve done with Cascade. I always liked/ appreciated the pattern but given that I always saw it made up in fancy fabrics with pretty prints I just didn’t see how it could fit into my wardrobe- it just didn’t seem like ‘me’, you know? Well, THIS is definitely something I would wear! Solid, stretchy but still infinitely feminine. Thanks for the inspiration 😀

  • Bella

    Wow! Such gorgeous combination! I am particularly in love with stripes but you made it more elegant with an awesome design. But nothing beats the skirt! I’m not such a fan of skirts but the Cascade skirt you made looks very nice with a fascinating effect as you make twirls. The outfit is just lovely!

  • Love this outfit! So chic, but still looks so comfortable. Love the nettie in stripes—definitely going to consider making one of my own!

  • Wow, what a lovely outfit! You look gorgeous!

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