Kid’s Clothes Week Wrap Up

I had such big plans for this week!  The thing I realized is that I AM NOT FAST.  When it comes to sewing I always think I can crank a bunch of stuff out quickly, but it’s become clear that is not the case 🙂  I am amazed at all of the beautiful clothing everyone has made for their kids this week, it is truly awesome!  So what did I make?DSC_0326

Leggings!  9 pairs of leggings…exciting, no?  Haha…I thought I would get these done in one night, maybe two-but I seriously worked on these all week!  I drafted the pattern myself; store bought leggings never fit my girls right.  They are both skinny with long legs, so if I buy them leggings that are long enough they are too baggy.  It took some tweaking but I finally got a good fit for them both, and I made them extra long so hopefully they won’t grow out of them anytime soon.

Here’s what I didn’t get to:


I planned some Geranium dresses and tops, and an Oliver + S Roller Skate Dress.


A bunch of knit tops, maybe a polka dot dress (by request).  I’ll probably use Rae’s Flashback Skinny Tee pattern, there are quite a few variations I have seen and wanted to try.


A couple more Parsley Pants, for my big girl. (As I write this I realize almost every thing I planned is from a Made By Rae pattern- I can’t help it, her patterns are awesome!)  SO…I guess if I count the two pairs of Parsley Pants I made last week, I made 11 pairs of pants.  Maybe not the most exciting thing, but these girls really needed pants!  My plan now is to take one night a week to work on some non-selfish sewing until I get it all done.  Which might take a while…

  • Clover

    I am not a fast sewer either and marval at what others get finished. I am pretty happy itch eat I did though audit has certainly motivated me to finish more. But at a slower pace.:-)

  • your kids are so lucky! so many new and pretty and good fitting leggings for them 🙂

  • Lia

    Too cute! I’ve always had the opposite problem with leggings (if they’re wide enough the length gets baggy, ha ha), but there’s nothing like a perfect fit. : ) What is that crane-and-moon fabric, by the way? I think I’m in love…