Kid’s Clothes Week Wrap Up (Winter ’14)

It’s that time again…if you’re not familiar, Kid’s Clothes Week happens for one week each season.  The goal is to work on making kid’s clothes for one hour a day, every day, for 7 days.  I use it as a time to motivate myself to sew for my kids, because most of my sewing is done for meeeeeeee!  I don’t really feel bad about it- women’s clothes is more where my passion for sewing lies.  But every time I am working on something for myself they always ask “Are you making that for me?”  I think it’s sweet that they want me to sew for them, and I know it may not last, so it is nice to indulge in making some pretty things for them.  Here’s what I made last week!DSC_0540A couple of dresses/tunics:KCW Winter141These are both made from the Voila Blouse pattern, by Cali Faye Collection,  a cute little boat neck billowy top…I made these a bit longer to be more of a tunic length, and added a ribbon tie in the back instead of a button.
CollagesMy inspiration for these came from the new Stylo Magazine. There are some seriously cool kids clothes in there, and awesome photography too- you should check it out even if you don’t sew for kids.  After looking through the magazine I decided to go a different route with my fabric choices from what I normally would use.  I dug into my own stash and came up with these two- the top one with the circles is a very soft voile that I got at Bolt, and the bottom black and white fabric is a very lightweight and soft rayon that I purchased from Megan Nielsen.  A bit painful to give them up as I love them both, but my girls LOVE their new dresses so it’s worth it 😉

DSC_0497This one is another pattern from Cali Faye Collection, the Perri Pullover.  The fabric is a sweatshirt knit from Bolt, with a super loopy wrong side that I used for the bottom band and sleeve cuffs.  The pockets are a lotus print interlock fabric that has been in my kid stash for a while.  Do you want one of these in your size?  I totally do!!  I am scheming it up in my head, so hopefully that will happen sometime in the future 🙂  DSC_0500Not much to say here, just a simple little knit skirt with a band up top that can be folded over, or not.  I just made this up as I went and I think she’ll get a lot of wear out of it.  Again, I would totally wear this!DSC_0505Leggings!!  They always need more leggings, it’s what they live in.  They don’t really like tights so they wear leggings under all their dresses.DSC_0533Jeggings!!  ‘Cause I think they are funny and cute.  And because my girls refuse to wear jeans most of the time.  The topstitching on these was a total pain, turns out heavy topstitching thread and thin poly blend jeggings fabric don’t play nice together.  But I would not be deterred.DSC_0520Tags!!  Sometimes little people (and husbands) need help figuring out which is the back.  I cut these out of some of my scraps, and I love the way they look.  A fun detail that no one will ever see, but my girls both got really excited about them.

So that’s what I got done last week, and I have to say it wore me out!  But totally worth it, they love their new clothes 🙂

  • Such a lovely collection of clothes for your kids. I would love to wear them too if they were in my size!

  • Ha, I think Carli Faye might have sold a few Voila patterns on the back of the Trine’s amazing version in the Stylo magazine – I bought it too 🙂 I love the darker prints you have used on yours. I think I’m going to have to try the Perri Pullover too when it cools down here – looks so comfy and I love the hidden pockets.

    • Kelly

      Yes! Everything I see from Trine is amazing and inspirational, her style is great. I love the Cali Faye patterns, more fashion forward than most kids patterns. You’ll love the Perri, super cute and an easy sew also 🙂

  • LOVE these and as I mentioned on IG, you’ve got my finger on the button to buy a Cali Faye pattern or two! Especially since our little gals have similar builds. 😉 Smart smart idea to make jeggings too – Em won’t wear jeans and it sort of drives me crazy, but she definitely wears leggings constantly. Why haven’t I already made jeggings?!

    • Kelly

      Haha, yes jeggings are where it’s at…they have been wearing them constantly since I finished them and they make me laugh. The patterns are good! I think I mentioned to you that I used the smallest (2T) width for S, Em would probably need that too especially in the Perri.

  • This is so awesome! I love every single item you’ve made here. The tie dye tunic is so beautiful!


    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!! I admire everything you make so much, it definitely inspired a lot of what I made this last week 🙂 I am also loving all of your “coatigans”!!

  • Ooooo I love them all! So cute, your girls are so lucky. I particularly like the way you put the bands on the pullover. Fantastic.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Margo! I just had to show off the crazy loopy side of that fabric 🙂

  • Love it all Kelly! Our kids must be on the same wavelength or conspiracy b/c my five year old absolutely refuses to wear any pants that slow her down (meaning that snap, button or zip). The jeggings are awesome and yessss, I saw those tags and instantly thought of my husband, for the past couple of years I’ve had to add tags because he was constantly putting pants on backwards ha ha.

    • Kelly

      I think my girls would be happy to live in PJs and nightgowns, I can’t say that I blame them! So I am trying to make them clothes that are just as comfy but don’t look like jammies 🙂

  • I’m always inspired by what you sew, both for yourself and now for your kids. I often find that when I go look at the original pattern, you’re versions are better fabric choices or make me want to sew them more than what’s show by the designer.

    We’re just getting into the kid realm ourselves, so my kid sewing has been sleep sacks, Big Butt Baby Pants, diapers and receiving blankets. Looking forward to the day I can make leggings and dresses.

    Your tags are so cute!

    • Kelly

      Wow that is so nice, thank you so much!! And good luck with your baby sewing, you can’t go wrong with the Made by Rae patterns, they are all fantastic!

  • first off, your tags are inspired! my kids are constantly putting their mommy-mades on backwards. i am most definitely ripping off your idea, hey maybe even for myself…

    all these pieces are beyond adorable! i love your fabric choices for the voila blouse, and huge props for getting that topstitching on the jeggings! gosh i used to abhor those things, but i’m sure my kids would wear the snot out of them!

    • Kelly

      Haha, yeah jeggings….I’m pretty sure I got an eye roll from my husband when I said I was making them but they are pretty stinking cute on the girls 🙂 I can’t stress how frustrating the topstitching was though, for real. Joann’s has some jeggings fabric that is thicker than this stuff but only in turquoise and purple.

  • I want all of these in my size! Especially the jeggings and black and white tunic. Super cute.

    • Kelly

      haha, yeah I pretty much just made small versions of what I want to wear 🙂

  • these are all so adorable! You are a total machine! I love all of them, the sweatshirt looks especially comfy, but actually everything else does too. 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks Anna!! My girls definitely demand comfort in their clothes or they won’t wear them…that sweatshirt fabric is awesome, the softest I have found (I have some set aside for myself too!)

  • Oooh, I’ve never seen these patterns before…I need to go check them out!!! And your kids are super lucky that you’re nice enough to break into the good stash for them. Sadly, my kids are not so lucky 🙂

    • Kelly

      haha, yeah mine usually aren’t that lucky either but I was feeling generous/inspired this time around!

  • Wow, what a fun mini wardrobe! I would wear ALL of this stuff! I’m so impressed by how much you made in a week’s time!

    • Kelly

      Thanks!! I wore myself out but it was worth it. It was like a little sweatshop here for a week 😉

  • Suzanne Williams

    Everything turned out beautiful! Lucky girls 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks 🙂

  • Jeni

    I love this. You’re all like “yeaaaah, I don’t really sew for my kids…” and then post an amazing pile of handmades. Oh, and that Voila pattern…totally buying it. Yours are gorgeous!

    • Kelly

      Haha, yeah I guess it’s all relative…I sew for them 4-6 weeks out of the year and the rest of the time is all for meeeee….it’s hard not to let that mommy guilt sneak in 😉

  • Wow! you did a great job. I didn’t have much time but I managed a pair of corduroy jeans for my toddler. love the idea of the tags. My 6 year old girl needs to have a picture on the front of her knickers otherwise they are upside down and back to front.

  • Ren

    This is a fabulous collection! I would want all of it for me. What lucky girls.

  • Stacie

    Check out Cali Faye’s facebook page, she is looking for testers for the adult size Perri Pullover!

  • Wow you were prolific!! Loons like they have some great staples. Love your tags too. I usually use a bit of ribbon but I like this better!

  • Love everything you made here. Am especially in awe of the jeggings!

  • This is all so great- love that Perri! I gotta say, the tags are genius- so simple, so cute….why do I scratch my head about what to use for a tag? I’ve been using a little loop of FOE, but I’m going to try these…very sweet.

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  • darci

    maybe it missed it, but what pattern did you use for the leggings? it looks like a nice fit

  • Laura

    I so love your versions of these patterns. Did you see that the Perri Pullover is now offered in an adult size?! I just discovered it last night and I’m dying to get on it right away! I love that sweatshirt fabric you found. Wish I could find something similar.

    • Kelly

      I missed your comment somehow! I did see the adult version, I want to make it but I am also trying to talk myself into some more spring/summer projects 🙂 The sweatshirt fabric is fantastic, it has held up really well in the wash too. If you are dying to get some I got it at Bolt here in Portland, they just posted that they got more of it: They don’t sell online but will do phone orders, if I remember correctly it was about $10 a yard and is super wide 🙂

  • I bought the adult perri pullover pattern and have yet to sew one up. It usually happens that I find a pattern I’ve been dreaming of would pop up and then I can’t find the perfect fabric. I’m hoping some dreamy organic fleece will be on organic cotton plus this fall. 🙂 LOVE the mini version you’ve made. And those denim leggings? Oh.My.Goodness they are precious. The tags you created and darling too. I’m thinking I should to take a page from your book and implement it in my own clothing!

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