Julia Cardigan: Two Views

Inspired by the always awesome Lisa G, I decided to try out the Julia Cardigan pattern by Mouse House Creations.  DSC_0257Worn here with my favorite Miz Mozelle Maxi dress 

I made the long sleeve version first, and pretty much wore it every day after it was finished so I made a short sleeve version as well…DSC_0429Worn with my Sewaholic Saltspring dress- I have been wearing this so much since the weather warmed up- I need to make another one!

I love cardigans and have been wearing both of these constantly!  It’s a quick to sew pattern, and I will probably make another- with both of these I made the doubled up hem version…so there is absolutely no hemming involved if you aren’t crazy about hemming knits 😉  The only change I made to the pattern was to reduce the width of the sleeve at the bottom on the long sleeved version.  I used my trusty Lane Raglan pattern because I knew I liked the width of the sleeves and just traced the last portion of the sleeves, and used the sleeve cuff pattern piece from the Lane pattern as well.  Worked great.DSC_0269The fabric I used for both is Robert Kaufman Laguna Jersey, which I have used before and found holds up really well over time with repeated washing/drying and whatnot.  It’s a cotton/spandex knit and works great for fitted t-shirts and dresses, and anytime you need a knit that has good stretch and recovery (like the Nettie bodysuit!).  There are lots of solid colors and prints available and the price is very reasonable at around $7 a yard.  (Available lots of places if you Google “Laguna Jersey fabric”.)DSC_0275DSC_0502 DSC_0442So if you’re looking for a quick cardigan fix I think this is a great pattern!  I also want to try this Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan, it looks pretty cool too.  Do you have any good cardigan patterns that you would recommend?  I feel like there aren’t a whole lot out there in the indie pattern world…

*also…just so there are no misunderstandings- I am in no way sponsored/compensated by any of the products/people/companies mentioned in this post…I recommend them because I like them and have had success with them and think that you might like them too 🙂  Also, I purchased and paid for the patterns and fabric just like anybody else.  Anytime I am given a product for free I will make sure to disclose that in my post; however, my opinions here will always be my own and completely honest. 

  • Amy

    I recently made the StyleArc Nina cardigan, and I love the way it fits snugly through the back and sides like a blazer but drapes down the front like a favorite cardigan. It was my first StyleArc pattern. I haven’t tried Mouse House Creations, but you’ve definitely tempted me!

    • Kelly

      I’ve been looking at the StyleArc patterns lately, they have some pants that I really want to try. The free pattern this month looks very similar to the Julia Cardigan pattern…I like the Nina cardigan pattern too!

  • These cardigans are beautiful, I love the look of them and thanks for the information on the laguna fabric.

  • Tanya

    Thanks for posting your review of the Julia Cardigan. I’ve been very curious about it, mostly because of the cap sleeve version. I have just recently made 3 cardigans that I love: the , the (reminds me of the Jalie Drop Pocket cardigan, although the construction is totally different), and the .

  • Tanya

    Ack! I totally messed something up when I tried to add links to my comment. Sorry. I’ll just post the names of the 3 cardigans that I’ve recently made and love: StyleArc Nina Cardigan, StyleArc Simone Cardigan, Jalie Cocoon Cardigan. You can easily find them if you google. 🙂

    • Kelly

      I like all of those! I hadn’t seen the Simone before…do you like the StyleArc patterns? I’ve been thinking of ordering a few.

      • Tanya

        hi Kelly, I really like Style Arc patterns. i was a little apprehensive about there being only one size, so I sent in my measurements to Chloe, who helped me pick a size. she will also provide grading instructions if some of your measurements are between sizes. i like that the seam allowances are small (3/8″). The instructions for the knits at least assume you have a serger and coverstitch. Instructions are brief, but there are helpful diagrams and a fabric swatch included. In addition to the two sweaters, i also made the Andy maternity pants, which i love. hoping to make some of their other pants patterns once i get back to a regular size.

        • Kelly

          I bet those maternity pants are cute! I want to make the Antoinette pants, I am waiting to see what the free pattern is next month because this month it looks very similar to this Julia Cardigan pattern. I like that the seam allowances are smaller too…I often reduce the seam allowance when I am tracing patterns but it is kind of a pain.

  • Gorgeous makes!!! And I love your outfits! Maxi dresses are the best! You look fantastic!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much Trine! I love maxi dresses and skirts 🙂

  • Sam

    Love these cardigans. I’ve recently made the long sleeved version myself and it’s so comfy. I definitely need to pick up some more knit fabrics for a couple of other versions.

  • Great cardigans! I LOVE your maxi dresses as well! This only cardigan I have tried was a McCall’s 6844, which I quite liked.

  • Emily

    I love the laguna stretch jersey – I was wondering how it would work with this cardigan. Now I know! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Beautiful! These look so comfy and perfect for in-between weather! I love the curved hem, and how cleanly these are finished. Well done!

  • These are gorgeous! I’m not really a cardigan person, but I got this pattern after I saw What Katie Sews’ version. How much fabric did you use for the long-sleeved version? I was hoping to make this from stash fabric, but it seems like it takes more than two yards…

    • Kat

      I’m currently working on my cap-sleeve version (size M), but have cut all pattern pieces. I arranged them for the long-sleeved version based on a 60’’ width fabric, I was curious myself. The crucial piece is the collar, I’d say twice the length of it should work, making it about 1 ¾ yard. But no guarantee! Better to wait for Kelly’s (love your versions btw) answer. Looking forward to seeing your cardigan!

    • Kelly

      I used just over 2 yards, but I wasn’t very careful with my layout…I used the layout in the pattern for the cap sleeve version and it worked pretty well actually. I think you could squeeze it out of 2 yards if your fabric is 60″ wide.

  • Ooh love them! I especially like the short sleeve cardigan. Even during summer I still get cold, so something like that would be perfect!

  • these look great! i keep reaching for mine but i get too hot from the long sleeves… i should try the cap sleeve version!

  • Both so great! Particularly love the short sleeved version, sometimes you just need a good in between weight cardi.

  • Suze

    Hi there, I have been following you for a while and love your blog. I have been wanting to purchase this cardigan pattern for a while… love it in the dark fabric…
    Thanks I look forward to reading your posts,
    Cheers Suze

    • Kelly

      Thanks so much Suze!!

  • Oh you are tempting me. I have promised not to start anything before my UFO box(es) are finished… I could really use a cardi like this! Not sure my execution would be as good as yours though.

    • Kelly

      You should do it! It really is quick to sew and I wear mine so much. It’s pretty simple and the pattern has lots of pictures to help you out, you’ll do great! 🙂

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