It’s time for some stashbusting show and tell!

OK guys…it had to happen sooner rather than later.  I am officially busting my stash!  Now, I am not sure how my stash compares to others as far as size, but it has become overwhelming to me.  I made a resolution at the start of this year to only buy fabric when I have a specific project in mind, but unfortunately that hasn’t slowed me down as I am constantly dreaming up new projects!  The other day I ordered more fabric for a dress that I had dreamed up the night before, and after I finished the order I clicked over to Bloglovin’ and read this post.  Perfect timing, and just the kick start I needed to make this happen (thanks Margo!).  SO…this is gonna be a long one- would you like to see my stash?  Let’s start with patterns:DSC_0130 (1) My Megan Nielsen collection
DSC_0125 Deer and Doe!  I haven’t tried any of these yet- but I think they are such great, unique designs
DSC_0146Juniper pants are near the top of my list!  And I have been wanting to make a casual blazer forever, so I am excited about Victoria 🙂
DSC_0141Scout is my next project!  Followed soon by some Maritime shorts and several more Archers 🙂

I also have a bunch of Japanese pattern books that will probably get some more use in all of this, and I have a few more random patterns…but these are the ones that I have planned for the fabric currently in my stash.  Which brings me to…the fabric!  Are you ready?  There are some goodies in here!DSC_0167 Denim…I need pants in a bad way, I am down to one pair of jeans!  So I have big plans for some jeans and trouser sewing.  I am excited about the polka dots- skinny jeans!  The others are various weights of denim and linen.  I have dissected a pair of worn out jeans, and am hoping this will work as a pattern- stay tuned for that experiment!!
DSC_0162Colored stretch denim- more skinny jeans!DSC_0163I searched everywhere for polka dot chambray…and found a couple good ones!  I actually have some more on the way (for free! I was featured in Pink Chalk Fabric‘s newsletter, and received a store credit- yay for free fabric!) That pin dot fabric on top is to die for, I am wrestling with what to make- another Archer?  Or a dress?  Tough decision.  DSC_0173 That top fabric is a Wiksten cotton/silk from Spoonflower, definitely not one of my more frugal purchases, yikes.  And then a cotton lace, and Nani Iro polka dot double gauze.  The dots are metallic/shimmery…love it.
DSC_0199These top two fabrics are amazingly soft organic cotton voile, and I am so excited to use them.  Sometimes when you order on line the quality is hard to gauge, but when these arrived I was blown away- if I wasn’t embarking on a fabric buying ban I would hunt down more of it!  There is one yard (56 inches wide) of each left here if you are interested 🙂  The plaid is really nice and soft too, and of course destined to be an Archer!DSC_0177I just love this Japanese cotton, and found this coral piping to match it- bonus points if you can guess which pattern this goes with!
DSC_0222 (1) So, these are all home dec weight- some are cotton sateen, and the Japanese prints are all cotton/linen blends.  Not sure what I will make with all of these, but I do have plans for that camera fabric that has been living in my stash for a couple of years now 🙂
DSC_0190Moving on to knits!  I got a good deal on a bunch of organic and “eco-friendly” fabrics- basically wholesale prices on some 3-5 yard remnants.  Mostly jersey, but the gray is a nice french terry.DSC_0182Stripes!  The bottom two are organic cotton/ bamboo.  The top three I purchased from an online shop (that shall remain nameless because I have otherwise enjoyed excellent service and quality from them) but later saw the exact same fabrics at Girl Charlee for half the price…live and learn!  And I was disappointed to find out that the mustard stripe is printed on, yuck.DSC_0193More random knits!  The top one is really nice quality organic cotton, the rest are various cotton and rayon jerseys.  I was wanting to make a few more Miz Mozelle dresses, but I think my plans have changed a bit for most of these.  And the bottom one there- coyotes? wolves?  Not sure why I felt I had to have that one, but I’ll rock those guys anyway 🙂  The gold dots- another one I paid double price for.  Bummer. 

And one last group- I have been wanting to make undies and bras forever, and actually bought up a bunch of supplies when Amy of Cloth Habit was having a sew along, but just never got around to it.  But here’s what I have:DSC_0205 DSC_0148Amy also has a free pattern for “ladyshorts”, found here.  I want to try it out and maybe use up some of those smaller jersey pieces I always have left over.

So there it is!  I have some white jersey on the way, my last order (just wanted some simple white tees for summer).  There are some other random quilting cottons that I don’t really have plans for…I am thinking at the end of this thing if I have fabric that I just can’t figure out a use for I will host a fun fabric giveaway here, and find a good home for those lonely souls!  I am open to suggestions also- you can help me match up fabrics and patterns!

My pledge is this:  I will not purchase any new fabric or patterns for the rest of 2013 unless I use all of the fabric pictured here.  Small notions like elastic, zippers, and possibly linings are allowed, but only if nothing suitable exists in my stash.  And I am adding one exception- we are visiting Los Angeles in August and I had planned a trip to Mood– I am allowing myself one special fabric purchase, not to exceed $75.  And only if I find something I really, really love (in that place, I am sure I will!)  Also, anything free (giveaways, prizes, gifts, etc..) is fine.

It is a little scary, but also I am excited that I will finally get to all of those projects I had planned.  And I really love the fabric I have, so I get to spend less time looking for fabric, and more time sewing with it!  You can find more info on stashbusting over here….I didn’t really take her advice to take it easy on myself, but that’s just my personality- I like a challenge!  Wish me luck!!

  • Wow Kelly! Your challenge is a big one BUT you do have a great stash! Good luck, I’ll be following!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Margo!

  • Ooh…my husband would love for me to make a similar pledge. It looks like you have a great stash to work with! I can’t wait to see what you make!

    • Kelly

      I know, to say my husband is excited about it would be an understatement 😉

  • Oh my goodness that is one amazing fabric and pattern stash! I love everyone of those fabrics and can’t wait to follow along with your challenge.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kathryn! I am excited, I have a whole list of stuff to make and fabric to make it with, so life is good!

  • wow, you have some great fabrics–i would use every single one of those! good luck sewing through your stash. my own limited sewing funds have kept me from stockpiling fabric (probably a good thing!) so i only have a handful of unused fabrics. and for the piping and japanese cotton… i hope it’s for the belladone. i love that pattern and it would look amazing with piping!

    • Kelly

      You got it, the Belladone! I have seen quite a few done with piping, I really like how it looks. I am hoping once I get through these that I can slow it down a bit and not stockpile so much, I admire when people can do that. I have a really small workspace, so all these bins of fabric piled around it aren’t helping me out!

  • Great post! And I’m drooling over pretty much everything. Especially the Wiksten, those dotted chambrays.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! I saw that Wiksten fabric when you did your giveaway, and tried to resist…obviously I was not successful!

  • Jen

    OMG Seriously I am drooling over all that fabric! Such good finds…those polka dots? I can hardly handle it. I cannot wait to see what they all turn into! Also don’t feel bad about your stash, I may not have any patterns I didn’t make (though I do have a lot of them I did make) but holy crud I have SO MUCH FABRIC. It’s a little sick. And I don’t even like most of it, I just don’t know what to do with it. Ha!

    • Kelly

      I couldn’t believe how hard it was to find the polka dot chambray! And once I decided I wanted it I was on some crazy mission to search it out on the internet. The one with the bigger dots I bought from a lady on Ebay for $2.50 a yard…I was surprised when it showed up it was actually really nice! BUT- it will be good to take a break from crazy fabric hunting and just sew. I wish I could see your giant fabric stash, I bet you have some good stuff in there 🙂

  • I can relate — my fabric and pattern stash are both a little out of control! Darn Joann’s and its constant pattern sales. Since I sew almost exclusively from indie patterns, I’ve tried to seriously cut down my Big 4 pattern purchases!

    The Spoonflower Wiksten is just to die for, and I ADORE the polka dot chambray! I’ll be following what you make as you sew through your stash! I have a similar goal to get through as much of my fabric stash as possible and at least all my indie pattern stash. However, since I have so much fabric from when I first started sewing (and didn’t know much about varying quality of fabric) and quilting cotton from when I sewed primarily for my kids instead of myself, I know I can’t pledge to use up all my stash before buying more. Hoping to sell off a bunch …

    • Kelly

      I was the same- when I first started sewing it was all quilting cotton…and I would buy a bunch of fabric with no idea how I was going to use it. I went through my stash a few months ago and gave most of that stuff to my mom, she is a quilter so she will put it to good use 🙂 But I also made a bunch of cloth napkins with some of it-just put two fabrics together and serged around the outside. So we have a fun mismatch of all these different fabrics in our napkin pile 🙂 I have never used any Big 4 patterns, they scare me, ha! Although I think I actually did sew a dress from one with my mom’s help when I was in high school. I don’t remember it being all that successful though.

  • I can’t wait to see what comes of all those piles of fabric! Those denims and the undie lace, super nice!

    • Kelly

      Yes! Hopefully I can remedy my no-pants situation 🙂

  • What a great stash to work through! I’ll be following and especially am interested in the By Hand London pattern and that Victory pattern! I’ll be interested to see what you think of them. It all looks like a ton of fun…makes me sound like such a sewing nerd, ha ha!

    • Kelly

      I am super excited to make the blazer- I wanted to make one that wasn’t so super tailored and intimidating, I just want something casual to throw on instead of a cardigan. Hopefully it will fit the bill! I really want to make that Victory pattern too, right now I am having a hard time seeing anything in my stash that would work. But I am thinking of trying it out in a knit, I want to look around and see if anyone has done it. We are all sewing nerds, right?! 🙂

  • Clover

    What great collection and mission you have. I too often spend more ti e fabric shopping and blog hopping to see what others are doing instead of actual sewing. I am so impressed with what you make. It’s hard to sew your own clothes but still be fashionable. I think you are doing a great job at it though.

    I too was disappointed in my mustard and white knit fabric. And jealous of your bamboo knit and of course the wiksten fabric. Can’t wait to see what you make!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!! Yeah, I definitely feel like I have more time to sew now that I am not shopping for fabric anymore!