It’s the 80s- Rockin’ with Chewbacca!

Once again I am sewing along with Project Sewn, and this week it’s time for an 80s flashback!  You can go here to see everyone’s outfits and vote for your favorite 🙂 I grew up in the 80s and have fond memories of neon, lace, parachute pants, mini skirts…so this was a fun week for me!  And then, as I was on my way to take a few quick photos of my outfit, I saw THIS:DSC_0216Chewie Van!!

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??  I busted a quick illegal u-turn and set up my tripod for some photos before the owner showed up.  I was giddy with excitement over Chewie Van!! The first Star Wars movie came out in the 70s, but the next two came out in the 80s. My family was all about Star Wars, I remember having R2D2 underoos and lots of the action figures.DSC_0233“Is this your van?”

So, on to the details…I wanted to make an outfit that was inspired by the 80s, but didn’t look like an 80s costume.  I mean, who wants to go to all that work to make something you’ll never wear?  So, I decided to make a denim mini skirt and a bright lacy t-shirt.  I may not wear them together often, but separately I think they’ll do just fine.DSC_0219

The skirt is another Grainline Moss Skirt, and the fabric is a stretchy, super dark denim.  I topstitched it all jeans style- I went all out and bought jeans thread and topstitching needles, which worked great!  But I’m not gonna lie, I did rip out and redo a few of those seams!  Here’s a close up of the front:DSC_0268

And the back:

Day23In all the excitement over Chewie Van, I didn’t get a good shot of the back yoke until I got home 🙂

Now the shirt!  Of course I used my trusty Briar pattern, what did you expect?  I wanted to add some lace to this super bright turquoise jersey fabric, so my first thought was to do a lace pocket.  And then I puzzled over different ways to add some more in the back and came up with the idea to do a lace yoke.DSC_0231

I tried on another finished Briar shirt and figured out how far down I wanted the lace to go, which turned out to be about 6″ down from the shoulder seam.  I cut the pattern piece straight across at that point, added seam allowances, sewed the lace upper piece to the knit bottom piece and then just proceeded as normal for the rest of the construction.  Easy!  I’d like to try it again with different contrasting fabrics, I think it is a fun effect!


If you like my 80s outfit it would be totally rad if you jumped on over to vote for me in the Project Sewn sew along! 🙂


  • Wow, what a lucky backdrop for your photos! And the van matches your outfit, too!

    • Kelly

      I know, right? I felt like someone put it there just for me 🙂

  • Renee

    Such a pretty top – I love the lace pattern!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!

  • The top is very pretty! Love the color and the lace. Haha! The “Chewie” van is awesome. What a great find for your photo backdrop!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I really couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it 🙂

  • The Chewbacca backdrop grabbed my 5-year-old’s attention and gave me a chance to read your post, so this post is a winner in my book! Oh yeah, your outfit is totally adorable too. Love that skirt pattern, and your topstitching looks great!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! And glad your little one enjoyed Chewbacca 🙂

  • My son would flip over this van!

    • Kelly

      Who wouldn’t? Haha 🙂

  • Beautiful finishing on these garments! The topstitching on the skirt is impeccable, and I love how you used the lace on the Briar. I keep seeing such wonderful lace accents on garments lately that I just might have to track some down!

    • Kelly

      Thank you Katie!! Surprisingly I found this lace at Joanns, and it is actually pretty nice quality. It’s mostly cotton which is nice.

  • heather

    Dude, that is the most awesome van I’ve ever seen! You’ve got my vote!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Heather!!

  • Wow, what a great photo shoot you had! Your creations are great as well, superb!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!

  • Suzanne Williams

    Really love the outfit and the van 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks 🙂

  • oh what a lucky find with the van! i love the lace yoke on the back!

  • Brandyn

    LOVE the entire thing! And yet another referral for the BRIAR TEE ~ I Must Purchase ASAP!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! It is such a great basic t-shirt pattern, you should definitely try it out 🙂

      • Brandyn

        Absolutely 😀