It’s Pajama (Pyjama) Time!!

When I saw that Karen of Did You Make That? was having another pajama party this year I got excited!  A few months ago I had gone on a wild pajama fabric buying binge, with the idea to sew an entire lounge/pajama wardrobe for myself.  When I get home from whatever we have been doing, I almost always change into some sort of loungewear for the remainder of the day/evening. Unfortunately my most current lounging wardrobe consisted of stretched out maternity pants and tops that are comfortable, but not exactly easy on the eyes 🙂  So in the interest of not looking like a homeless lady anymore, I decided to sew up a combination of dresses and pajama pants that would be comfortable but also fun and pretty.

So here we go, let’s start with the pants!DSC_0030Ooops! Missed that thread hanging at the bottom 🙂

I didn’t use the Sewaholic Tofino pattern that Karen used for her sewalong- I think it is a really cute pattern, but I had already drafted this one based off an old pair of jammies.  I did a contrast elastic waist and little cuffs, but no drawstring- I made some pj pants before with a cute drawstring but my shirt always covers it up anyway, and it just ends up making a bumpy bulge under my shirt.  I tried to keep these somewhat fitted at the top, and wider through the legs.  Here’s the back-DSC_0027The fabric here is from Dear Stella, their Town and Country line, inspired by all things British 🙂 I don’t often seek out quilting cotton anymore, but when I do I love the prints from Dear Stella.

But wait, there’s more!DSC_0015Fabric:  Timber and Leaf by Sarah Watts for Blend FabricsDSC_0010Fabric: Modern Meadow by Joel Dewberry…this was my first pair, and when I had to make some adjustments my pattern matching ended up a bit wonky.DSC_0011Fabric:  Homespun Chic by Melody Ross for Blend Fabrics

It can get hot here in the summer sometimes, so I decided to add some loungy dresses to the mix.  We don’t have air conditioning, which is usually not a problem (unless you are hugely pregnant like I was a few years ago, and then you have Fred Flintstone feet all summer) but I thought something to wear on those hot days would be nice.  When I made my Eucalypt dress recently I wore the muslin around the house for a day and was thinking how comfortable it was…so that’s what used as my pattern!  Here are my Eucalypt lounge dresses:DSC_0043Fabric:  Revive by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics…I made a mistake and sewed the bias tape to the wrong side of the dress (late night!) but decided I was to lazy/tired to unpick it and just finished it up that way.  I like how it looks on this one, happy accident!DSC_0091Fabric: Nicey Jane by Heather Bailey…this one has been in my stash for a few years…yay for stashbusting!DSC_0084Fabric: Garden Party by Dear Stella…love this print so much!  I wish Dear Stella made their prints available on apparel weight fabrics like voile or rayon challis.  

So now I can lounge around the house in comfort, but still feel pretty!  And not feel embarrassed when I answer the door for the UPS man or whatever 🙂  Checkout all the pyjama party action over at Did You Make That?

  • What a fabulous array of lounging garments. I really must get to and make myself something gorgeous. What an inspirational post.

    • Kelly

      It definitely feels nice wearing these around the house instead of my ratty old clothes, haha. They are a quick make too, I made one each night for a week 🙂

  • WOW you just had a septuple pajama party, or something like that! So so so lovely. I can’t decide which of those prints you chose is my favorite. And curious, where do you live where you don’t need AC!? I grew up in texas, so i’m horrified when i hear the words “no ac”.

    • Kelly

      I can’t decide which is my favorite either! It is fun to choose fabric like this where you don’t really have to be concerned with any wearability, just pick something pretty and fun that you like 🙂 If I were in Texas I would definitely want AC- we live in the mountains here though and it is winter for 7-8 months out of the year, and in the summer it is usually in the 70s to low 80s and dry, so you really don’t need it. But I do think they are putting it in the newer houses around here.

  • Nancy

    Your fabrics are divine! I know what you mean about loungewear being lounged in for too long that no one should see you in them anymore;) I’m a new follower and I’m so amazed at how many things you have sewn in what seems to me like a short amount of time, all so fabulous and look great on you!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!! It was definitely time for a PJ upgrade 🙂

  • Oh My Goodness, I’m woozy with delight over all your pajamas!! I joined the party as well and my pajamas also have a contrast waistband and hem. I really like your waistband technique. I used a casing and inserted elastic, but notice it’s already starting to ‘turn’, so I have sewn a few lines across the seams to hold it in place. How did you make your waistband? Is it shirred? Or a few rows of elastic? Thanks in advance. 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I saw your paisley PJ set, so pretty! I like your heart pockets 🙂 I used a wide (1 1/2″) elastic in the waist, and after it was all sewn in there I sewed a couple rows of stitching, stretching it out flat as I sewed to keep it’s stretching ability. I like it, it looks like it is shirred but it is more stable.

  • Wow, great pajamas! You have been prolific! I have the Tofino pattern and a few pairs of pajama pants are on my summer sewing list. I haven’t been in much of a hurry though since I can’t wear them until fall. And I love the Eucalypt dresses! I might steal that idea and add a button/snap placket 🙂

    • Kelly

      Pretty pajamas will be nice to wear after baby! And the Eucalypt dresses would be great for nursing with the added placket.

  • Wow…I can’t imagine not having an air conditioner. It is kind of unheard of where we are! I love your jams. I’ve been in to nightgowns recently, so I love your Eucalypt jams!

    • Kelly

      I have definitely lived places where AC is a must! But it is winter for what seems like most of the year here, so there are really only a few times where I wish we had it. I haven’t had nightgowns for a long time, I am enjoying these!

  • so many lovely fabrics, and such stylish lounging wear! I haven’t made any PJ’s since Karen’s first pyjama party so it’s definitely time for some more as I too tend to come in from work and straight into shorts or pyjama trousers. With your waistband have you just stitched over the elastic? It looks really nice and it must stop the twisting that invariably happens with elastic waists.

    • Kelly

      Yes! I stretched it flat as I sewed, so it would keep it’s stretch…it looks like shirring and keeps everything in place!

  • I’m speechless! Such an array of wonderful lounging outfits. Those dresses look cute and comfie, and don’t even get me started on the PJs! You have knocked it out of the ball park, girlfriend. All fabulous fabric choices, also. Thanks for joining in the fun.

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! Your PJ party was just the push I needed to make these, and I love having pretty things to lounge in 🙂

  • Wow you have been busy sewing! You chose some really lovely fabrics, I especially like the Meadow one.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! I love that one too, that whole fabric line is pretty amazing. I took a week and devoted every evening to pajama sewing, they are both simple patterns so they came together quickly 🙂

  • Wow, what a wonderful array of sleep/lounge wear!

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!

  • Suzanne Williams

    Love the way the PJ’s turned out!! I really need to sew myself some comfy pants, my current ones are so old. Love how your fabric choices look! The comfy dresses are great too. Well done Daughter 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you mommy!! Make some PJs!!

  • Wow, you are crazy productive! What a great lounging wardrobe! I love the contrast waistband and cuffs on the pants.

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I love yours also!

  • Wow! I just popped over from the pyjama party and I had to stop and say what an excellent selection of jammies you have created. The Timber and Leaf ones are my favourites, but they all look both beautiful and comfortable. Well done!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! I think those may be my favorite too 🙂

  • Wow! What a lot of fabulous lounge wear. You do have some pretty spectacular fabrics. What fun!

  • wow so prolific! Such neat sewing and beautiful fabrics too. great work!

  • Clover

    What a great stash busting array of jammy pants!

  • Wow, you’re like a designer PJ boutique all on your own!

    • Kelly

      hahaha, thanks!

  • Thanks so much for sharing these projects! They are so lovely! : )

  • Renee

    Gorgeous fabric choices! I think I’d wear the garden party dress out in public, wow. 🙂

    • Kelly

      I did wear that one out the other day… 🙂

  • LLBB

    wow so many makes and they’re all amazing!
    I love the timber and leaf print. it looks fab in the long wide pj pant.

    • Kelly

      That whole Timber and Leaf line is super amazing!!

  • Wow, you just made an entire sleepwear collection. The all look cute and comfortable.

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  • Jen Hamblett

    Hi, These are all really amazing! I don’t suppose you have a pattern for the bottoms anywhere? Am pretty new to sewing but would love to give these a go! 🙂