I made five Archers and only went a little bit crazy

When the Grainline Studio Archer pattern came out in print I got a little excited and made a spur of the moment decision to assembly line style sew five Archers at once.  I figured it would take me a few  weeks….try six!  Six weeks.  Of nothing but Archers.  I’ll be honest- I was very ready to be sewing something else by the end of that time, haha.DSC_0331DSC_0336But hey- mission accomplished!  I burned through most of my “Archer stash” and I now have a total of seven Archers hanging in my closet- one for every day of the week!DSC_0486*Camouflage pockets!  I sorta wish I would have done them on the bias, but oh well.  They do show up a bit more in real life.
Archer x 5 This time around I went up a size, to a 4.  I also added a couple inches to the body length, and went with my standard of adding 1/2″ to the sleeves.  I have long arms, yes….and I like my sleeves a little on the long side as well.DSC_0432 Archer x 51On the two different polka dot chambray shirts I used the pockets from the Alder pattern, with 1/4″ added all around to make them just a bit bigger.DSC_0749 DSC_0445My thoughts on sewing assembly line style?  I don’t think it is for me, really….at least not on a complicated project like this.  I would definitely cut them all at the same time, but probably space the sewing out a bit.  I was going just a little bonkers by the end.  I am also trying to get over my compulsion to make ten zillion versions of every pattern I like…not being too successful though as I have made five Linden sweatshirts and have two more cut out 🙂  And I may just have a few more Archers planned…I can’t stop!