I Made a Bag.

Oh, hello- long time no see!! I have been having a hard time finding time to blog lately, busy having fun I guess 🙂  DSC_0038 I made a bag!  This is the Bohemian Carpet Bag from Sew Liberated patterns, and the fabric is a Nani Iro canvas called Water Window, from Miss Matatabi.  The accents are waxed canvas that I ordered from this shop (their bags are amazing…I am saving up for one!).  I interfaced the main fabric with a medium weight fusible from Fashion Sewing Supply.  DSC_0041 I liked this pattern except for the fact that the main pattern piece was asymmetrical, I am assuming a mistake was made in the printing?  Because I can’t imagine someone would intentionally design a crooked bag.  I ended up cutting the main pattern piece in half and then cut my fabric on the fold- I can’t hang with a lopsided bag.  But if you didn’t notice before you cut your fabric, that would be a bummer.DSC_0067 It has feet!

This is a BIG bag…and I actually shortened it by an inch or so, in order to fit it on my fabric.  I was wanting a multi-use bag that I could use for packing for a short trip, or as a camera bag.  So far I have used it for both and it has worked great!DSC_0080 It closes with this tubular frame, which is different than any other bag pattern I’ve used.  I like it- although it tends to gape open just a bit if the bag is loaded on the heavier side.DSC_0085The straps gave me some trouble when I was sewing them, you can see they kind of shrunk up and got some little ripples in them.  I think it may have been the thread I was using?  It was a heavier topstitching thread.  It doesn’t really bother me though, and since I have been using it they have flattened out a bit.DSC_0087 DSC_0092 DSC_0102 DSC_0109 I added all of these interior pockets- the original design has a zippered outside pocket but none on the inside.  There are two elasticized pockets than can hold water bottles or camera lenses, and a few flat pockets on the sides.  DSC_0367 I had some scraps left over (I got all of this out of one yard of fabric!) so I made a matching Japanese knot bag.  I have made TONS of these, from this free pattern.  It is a quick and easy sew, and a fun little gift to give.  I made a bunch to use as gift wrapping one year for Christmas 🙂DSC_0372DSC_0382 DSC_0383I like to take a step back from garment sewing every now and then, and bags are fun to make for me because I always get a lot of use out of them.  Usually I have them until they wear out!  I have some of the waxed canvas left, and now I am plotting a smaller everyday bag…I am thinking about some wool with waxed canvas accents…maybe…

Also, a while back I answered some interview questions from Kim and Elizabeth of Snapdragon Studios.  They have recently come out with a line of women’s sewing patterns!  You can read my interview on their blog here 🙂

  • Cat

    So cool! With the little matching baggie… I want one 🙂

  • Beautiful bag! I love all your fabric choices. No doubt that bag will get a ton of use! And that little Japanese bag is so cute. I am definitely going to check out that tutorial. Looks perfect for Christmas presents!

  • LOVE this bag!! the metal frame/closure is too cool… looks super profesh. weird about the a-symmetrical pattern piece, good thing you caught it!

  • So stylish! You’ve done a beautiful job. I’ve been meaning to make some of those little wrist bags too – great to use up scraps!

  • That’s a great bag! The Nani Iro really makes it fun. Great work!

  • This is gorgeous! Love your choices of fabrics!

  • What a beautiful bag!! It looks so professional, especially with that tubular frame!! And can I say, I kind of like how the handles wrinkle up a bit – it gives it the same ‘worn’ look as that beautiful waxed canvas. I’d call it a happy accident!! 😉 xo

  • Whoa! This looks awesome! Nani Iro canvas?!?! Be still my beating heart!!!

  • I like those fabric choices!

  • Great bag and I agree that making bags can be a welcome relief from garment sewing sometimes. I feel the same way about sewing for my kids, its a nice mental break from a challenging project for myself.

  • I know I’m supposed to be looking at the pretty bags (they are great btw), but I got stuck looking at your short sleeved cardigan (if it’s a cardigan?) Is it a me-made, if so which pattern? 🙂

  • This is a truly fabulous bag. I love the fabric combo and that tubular frame top is great on a bag this size. It looks like it would help hold the structure when open. Where did you get the the hardware for this? I find bag fixings hard to get. Beautifully finished!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Jillian! I got the tubular frame from Ghee’s


      It looks like they have a lot of supplies! I had the metal feet in my stash from years ago and can’t remember where I got them…

  • This bag is a stunner! It looks so expensive. You did a fabulous job!!

  • I like the combination of the two fabrics and that is has that many interior pockets.

  • Wow, it turned out great! And I love the knot bag you made with the leftovers. A wool bag with waxed canvas accents sounds really cool. I’m curious to see how it looks, if you decide to go that route.

  • a great couple of bags! love that waxed canvas (and the nani iro of course) and those knot bags are genius little things. thanks for linking to the pattern!

  • It is soooo beautiful! I love how you placed the fabric and that closure is awesome. And the FEET! I always get put off making bags because I can’t find good clasps, feet etc. This looks so professional!

  • It’s amazing that you can made it manually. I can never make such a beautiful bag with my sewing machine.

  • marse

    Awesome, I like this bag, very intimidating design, great job!!

  • wow it looks great and durable, I wish I could sew a bag like that, well I am a frustrated sewer, cant even knit

  • roxanne

    I love this bag, very nice! I want to try this now!