about me

I grew up with a mom who sews, (mostly quilting) so I picked up the basics as a kid but didn’t ever get into it seriously.  Once my first child was born I felt a strong need to do something creative, and picked up sewing.  My first project was one of those shopping cart covers, with a pattern I got on Etsy.  I moved on to bags, then kids clothes, and finally clothes for myself (and even sewed a quilt along the way, for my mom).  It has been such a great source of expression for me, and something I enjoy immensely.

  • Sarah Jo

    I’m amazed at your productivity! Love your stashbusting goal and have done something similar, since I was buying lots of fabric and patterns and dreaming of sewing up garments but not actually sewing them! So, I was a little overwhelmed by all that I have and how little I am able to sew with three small children. Hoping to get some sewing time once preschool starts! We’ll see! Anyway, I so enjoy seeing your work!

    • Kelly

      Thank you, that is so nice! It is hard with kids, for sure! I do most all of my sewing in the evening, they go to bed pretty early and I usually stay up way to late…trying to get better about going to bed at a reasonable hour though 🙂

  • Stephanie

    Hey, Do you have a tutorial on the PJ pants. I’m wondering how you made the waist band, on the pant. And I like that the PJ’s are not so full. but still looks comfortable. Thanks Stephanie