Confessions of a Stash-a-holic…and a Giveaway!!

Well hello there, it’s been awhile!  I am back…the sewing room is still in progress and I will show it to you when it’s done, but it is set up enough to start sewing again.  I made a little curtain for our bathroom today, not worth blogging about but it was a good way to jump back in. I am hoping to get my next project cut out tonight!

I wanted to give an update on my stashbusting efforts…let’s start with the good 🙂  Since I started I have made 17 garments, all from stash fabric.  Not too shabby!  There is still a lot left though, as I discovered while I was packing for our move.

I originally said I wouldn’t buy any more patterns, but after re-thinking that I have bought a few.  They don’t take up much room, I enjoy buying them, and they help me bust that stash so I figure it’s OK.  As Lladybird Lauren would say- sorry not sorry.

All right, now it is confession time….I have bought a few fabrics.  This first one is legit, as in my original pledge I allowed for a purchase from Mood in LA while we were on vacation there.DSC_0489

Isn’t it yummy??  This is a Thakoon silk crepe de chine, I have a dress imagined in my head but haven’t gone too far down the road with it as I have a lot of fall projects I want to get done first.

But here is where the trouble starts…DSC_0494

After we were all moved and I wasn’t able to sew, I started browsing some fabric on line….dangerous territory!!  I saw this Alexander Henry fabric and fell in love…I imagined making a little skater dress with a fitted bodice (Elisalex perhaps?) and a simple gathered skirt.

Then, Megan Nielsen popped up in my Bloglovin’ feed selling some of this…DSC_0499 (1)

I am a sucker for all things Megan Nielsen, and that stuff was paid for and on a plane from Australia faster than you can say “bad stashbuster!!”.

And finally, after some taunting from Kollabora on Twitter this Marc Jacobs plaid was ordered from Mood, and of course it will be made into an Archer when it arrives….

So I have to ask for some forgiveness, and promise that I am back on board with my challenge! I have lots of stash projects planned for fall, and 3 more months to go with my stashbusting pledge.

So, what to do about my indiscretions??  I thought we would have a giveaway!  Up for grabs is the fabric that started me down the path of guilty shopping:DSC_0494

It is 2 yards of quilting weight, Alexander Henry fabric, brand new, unwashed…just leave a comment telling me that you forgive me telling me what you might make with it, and I will pick a winner with one of those random number picker thingys.  The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere and will close on Wednesday, October 2nd at 10pm Pacific time.  Good luck!!



  • Jana

    Oh wow, I love that fabric! I was just thinking it was awesome when I saw the first picture of it, and then you’re giving it away?! You’re too generous!
    I would totally make a By Hand London Victoria Blazer out of it! Wouldn’t that be amazing? I just saw a picture of a cartoon print Victoria today and thought it was awesome, but too colourful for my style, and I would need something similar to that fabric, but just in black and white! It would be fate, I say! (:
    Thanks for the chance to win! I just hope I’ll manage to resist tracking down that fabric if I don’t win it. I really can’t afford to increase my stash!

    • Kelly

      Yay! Glad you like it, and a Victoria Blazer would be awesome! If you don’t win, I will give you the link to where I bought it as it is fairly hard to find…I am a total enabler, haha.

  • Oh you’re a stash buster after my own heart! What good are sewing promises if we can’t break them and beg forgiveness later? Your purchases were so great that I totally would not feel even a bit sorry!

    • Kelly

      🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • Shelley

    You only live once, what’s a little fabric, it’s not healthy to deprive yourself, better than hard drugs – just some of my excuses/reasons.

    I too thought Victoria blazer, but now I’m thinking sharp waistcoat with off cuts to appear in many projects. Happy sewing.

    • Kelly

      Haha, those are some good reasons for sure!

  • Miriana

    Of course you’re forgiven. I think that fabric would make a nice skirt.

    • Kelly

      Oh, thank you 🙂 I think it would make a fabulous skirt!

  • Oh I don’t blame you at all for slipping a little, I have a soft spot for Meghan Nielsen and have been eyeing up those gorgeous Mood Thakoons. Did you know a Thakoon dress runs about $400? So really it wasnt spending buying the crepe it was saving a bundle 😉

    I love that Alexander Henry it reminds me of old Warhol prints. If I win I’d make a Deer & Doe Datura blouse and a matching tote.

    • Kelly

      Oooo, it would look great as a Datura! I have that pattern but haven’t managed to make one yet.

  • Mary M

    I think it would make a really cute washi dress. I’ve been wanting to try that pattern out and I think it is one that looks good with quilting cotton. 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

    • Kelly

      I thought of a Washi too, I think it would look very cool!

  • The fabric is lovely! I really like your skater dress idea, or maybe a straight-up Elisalex, I’ve been meaning to make one of those!

    • Kelly

      I know, that is one of those patterns that I keep meaning to buy but just haven’t yet…I think I want it mostly for the bodice as I’m not sure I could pull off that skirt 🙂

  • Nykie Duffy

    Ooooh, I love that fabric! As soon as I saw it, I was thinking skirt. Nice floaty skirt. Or a Roisin-dolly-clackett type dress without all the volume if that would help it fit the fabric.

  • No apologies needed! I think the seventeen makes you already have with your stash is worthy of some new purchases! I have been long impressed with your stash busting efforts. That fabric is so cool, I would probably want to make a jacket with it or use it as an accent with a solid in a dress or skirt…or… or.. or.. I can’t wait to see what you make with that first silk fabric, it is gorgeous and well worth breaking you stash busting promises for!

  • You should not apologize for buying new fabric, especially when you have plans for it. If I won the wonderful fabric I would make a washi tank with it.

  • Holy wow I cannot describe how much I love this fabric! It screams out to be made into a 70s punk inspired frock. Don’t have a pattern picked out but probably something from the Japanese sewing books. Fingers crossed!

  • Sarah Jo

    I don’t think I’m cool enough to know how to use your fabric that’s up for grabs, but I applaud your honesty. I wish I’d seen Megan’s fabric offering before it sold out. I would snatch it up too!

  • Debera

    I saw this fabric at my local shop and have been jonesing for it ever since! Hmmm…. 2 yards…. I have a pattern for a travel bag (looks a little like a bowling bag) and all of the hardware sitting in my stash waiting to partner with the perfect fabric. I think it would be adorable with some colorful piping and a perfect antidote to the blast of rain we’ve had these past couple of weeks. So, while it wouldn’t technically bust my fabric stash, it would help to bust my pattern stash. BTW, we have a local charity that accepts donations of fabric and uses the donations to make quilts for kids at risk. I spent the past two weeks clearing out my stash and donated 140 yards! I guess that counts as stash busting? I know it will be put to use, anyhow. And it feels great to de-clutter. Are you sure you want to give this away? I don’t think anyone would blame you if you changed your mind!

    • Kelly

      Haha, I am happy to give it away, no worries!! Wow, 140 yards- that is so awesome and definitely counts as stash busting! That bag sounds cute, I love bowling bags.

  • tasha

    I’d make clothes for my kids! I don’t think I can make anything else. 🙂

  • wow, such cool fabric. The choices are hard, what to make, well my list is a bit like this a short skirt, a shirt maybe or a Colette Laurel? Mmm no. 3 I think!

  • I just bought that plaid from Mood as well and I’m making an Archer!! We will be twins!
    As for that awesome Alexander Henry fabric I think it would make some super cute jammies!

  • Sharon

    Oh, love it! I’d be using it as some sort of zippered pouch, or bag. And… some nice pj shorts for myself….

  • Karen

    Ohh, what a fabulous print, I think it would be perfect for the new Colette Zinnia skirt pattern!

  • Logan

    That fabric is amazing! A circle skirt would be really fun with the print. I’m working on busting my own stash but I’ve felt uninspired with what I have lately… This doesn’t count as new fabric, right? 😉