Cocoon Cardigan + Virginia Leggings

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of casual sewing with some french terry and jersey- here are a couple of my new pieces!  I made this cocoon cardigan using the tutorial on True Bias.  It’s easy to follow, and a really quick thing to sew up.  DSC_0156For the fabric I wanted something appropriately drapey and cozy, and I had this hemp/organic cotton jersey in my stash that was perfect.  It’s thicker than a typical jersey, and feels more like a lightweight french terry or sweater knit.  I first made it up according to the measurements in Kelli’s tutorial, and it was longer than I wanted.  I wanted to shorten it, but to keep the cocoon shape I had to take some off all of the way around the pattern piece.  I ended up taking off 2 inches all around (which subtracted 8″ from the length), and I think it’s the perfect size now.  DSC_0157I like the little gathered detail in the back- if your fabric is wide enough you can cut the back on the fold and just cut the curved section at the top;  then you won’t have a seam in the back.  In this case my fabric wasn’t wide enough so I do have a center back seam.DSC_0136I also made these leggings, using the Megan Nielsen Virginia Leggings pattern.  I made the XS and the fit was pretty good straight from the pattern, but I do think they run a bit big. I took 4″ off the length, and there’s still a bit extra (I’m 5’7″ for reference) but they are designed to have extra length to scrunch up at the bottom.  After wearing them around for a while I realized there was some extra room at the top also, both width and length.  For the next pair I took 1 1/2″ off the length at the waist, and also took the width in by an inch at the top of the thigh, tapering down to the knee.  These are still wearable, but I do want to take them apart at some point and make the same adjustments- though it’s always hard to get motivated to do stuff like that when there are new projects going on 🙂DSC_0089I think this is a good basic leggings pattern- they sew up so quick and the PDF is two pattern pieces (the main piece, plus a separate waistband).  Super easy to print out and tape together, and well worth the $12 to not have to draft my own 🙂  The fabric I used is a soy/organic cotton/spandex blend, and it is perfect for some nicely thick and warm leggings.  I don’t mind wearing leggings as pants as long as my back side is covered up, and they are thick enough to provide good coverage.   I can’t see myself buying leggings any time soon because I can sew these up in about an hour including cutting! DSC_0143DSC_0123

  • This looks so good on you! Thank you so much for the shoutout. I can’t believe you needed to take so much off the length. The only thing that I can figure is that I wear mine really high on my neck. The gather in the back sits more like a high neck in the back on me and then the front hugs my neck. But still.
    You look amazing though. I have heard so many good things about those leggings too.

    • Kelly

      Thanks Kelli! You know, I am really tiny in my shoulders and chest, so I think it just hangs longer and won’t stay up high on my neck. I probably could have taken in the width more, and it probably would have brought everything up a bit. Regardless I am happy with the results- I wear it all the time and I have another that hopefully I will get around to blogging someday soon 🙂

  • i love this whole outfit! the sweater looks so cozy. i made the virginia leggings this weekend, and they definitely run long! i usually need a 33″ inseam and mine scrunch up quite a bit. i actually had to add a couple inches to the back rise, but then again i have a bit more boo-tay than you… anyways, leggings are so fast to make i will never ever buy them!

    • Kelly

      Yes! I can’t believe I haven’t made them sooner, so easy 🙂

  • This outfit is SO PERFECT! The easy breezy cardigan, the lacy tee, the comfy leggings – even your shoes are perfect!! (Where did you get them, btw??) – I really need to pull out my Virginia leggings pattern and give it another go – mine had a couple fit adjustments too and like you said, hard to do when there are newer shinier projects a-waiting 😉

    • Kelly

      I think a perfect fitting leggings pattern is such a great thing to have- I plan to make a bunch more now that I have the fit where I want it! I pretty much get all my shoes from Neuaura…here’s a link to this pair 🙂

      But there are a lot of driving mocs out there- I wear these all the time, they are just like slippers 🙂

  • Wow, I really like it the way you made it! I might try this shorter length, it seems more structured and less like a blanket.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! It’s an easy adjustment to make, just take the same amount off all sides of your pattern piece and you are good 🙂

  • I love this outfit! That cocoon cardigan looks so cozy, like wearing a blanket. 🙂 Thanks for sharing the fit details for the leggings. I might make these up eventually, and we’re the same height, so that info is very helpful!

    • Kelly

      Totally like wearing a blanket 🙂

  • You look so comfy and cozy here! The Virginia Leggings are yet another pattern I have but haven’t sewn up yet. I never know how to wear leggings but I really like how you styled yours. As pants but with the bee-hind covered — I think I could do that!

    • Kelly

      You could totally do that, and they are just so comfy! I am thinking about making some longer Archers too, so I can wear them with leggings 🙂

  • Ahhh Kelly this is awesome! Look at you in an entirely handmade outfit! I’m with you on leggings, as long as no one has to see my tush I will wear them out and about! Love the whole outfit!

    • Kelly

      Thanks Teresa! I find that I am wearing mostly hand made these days, it makes me happy!

  • Ahhhh, you look so cute! I actually have my Virginia leggings pattern out tonight- was digging through the stash and found a perfect jersey for another pair, but I just couldn’t drag up the energy to do it tonight. I have a cocoon cardigan lingering in my UFO pile, too. I had some silly problems with it (my fault, not Kelli’s) and haven’t been able to face fixing it yet. Thanks for the inspiration- this outfit looks so cozy and nice!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! It always seems to take more energy to fix something that has problems than to start something new…I have a big pile of stuff that needs minor adjustments, but I never seem to get around to them!

  • I love your entire outfit! I’m going to be sewing knits for the next couple weeks because my sewing machine is at the doctor’s. I need projects that I can do entirely on the serger/coverstitch. Do you think the cocoon cardi would work?

    • Kelly

      If you have a coverstitch as well as serger you can definitely make the cocoon cardigan, no problem!

  • Margo

    Love your cardigan!!! I might have to try this tutorial. I’m not a legging wearer except when I run but yours look great!

  • alright i need to make this entire outfit. keep ’em coming, girl, you’re such an inspiration to me!!

  • I love the whole outfit! I really would like to make up some leggings sometime too, and I was thinking about using this pattern. Sounds like it worked for you!

  • Sarah Jo

    I’m going to need that legging pattern come next fall and I’m hoping DryGoods Designs has some of the fabric you posted about on IG!

    • Kelly

      Drygoods always has great fabric, and if you are looking for something specific just email the owner (Keli) she is super nice and will help you find what you need!

  • I love this whole look! The cardigan is fabulous- Love the back neck gathers. I may need to give that pattern a try myself!

  • You are so good at putting together an outfit – you always look so stylish! I love this cardigan shape, I’ll need to give it a try sometime.

  • Nancy

    This looks really good on you, it fits so well. I am starting to sew again after many years and your blog is very inspiring!

  • Super cute outfit!!! I think I need a new leggings pattern.
    I am about to kill half of my knit stash, today. And leggings are definitely on the agenda. Maybe Virginia’s the one!

  • They look great together!

  • The cardigan and the leggings both look great!! Now I want to make a cardigan too! 🙂

  • I love your outfit. The cardi looks super stylish and those leggings look great on you.

  • Love this outfit! I just printed out the virginia leggings. Did your measurements match the XS? I’m trying to decide which size to cut! Thanks m’lady!