Christmas in April: Another Colette Laurel Dress!

I saw this red lace fabric at a local shop and I knew I had to make another Laurel dress with it:DSC_0127

I imagine it as a Christmas dress, which I realize is a little crazy since it is only April.  But here’s the thing- I am always so busy around the holidays making dresses for my girls, making gifts, buying gifts, traveling, etc.  And I never get around to sewing anything nice for myself!


The fabric is a fairly thick cotton lace, and I used a cotton/linen blend for the underlining.  I have never underlined anything before, and I kept questioning whether that was a good choice, but I felt like the thickness of the lace needed to be matched with a fabric with some body to it.  In the end I think it worked very nicely!


The dress has a nice weight to it, not in a bad way at all but it reminds me of a vintage dress.  I used a gold metal zipper that I found on Ebay because I liked the decorative zipper pull.  I hope exposed zippers are still cool, I am not really up to date on these things 🙂

DSC_0097I wish I could say I have an occasion to wear a red fancy dress sometime soon, but the truth is this dress will probably sit in my closet until Christmastime.  But that’s OK with me, I am happy knowing when the season arrives I will have a pretty dress to wear  🙂



  • It looks stunning 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!

  • Liz

    I love this, fantastic work 🙂

    • Kelly


  • i don’t think you need to wait ’til christmas to wear this, it’s too nice to sit in the closet until december!

    • Kelly

      That is nice of you to say…if an opportunity comes up I will definitely jump at the chance to wear it!

  • Your Laurels are beautiful and you wear the colour red so well! I’m feeling inspired to try the dress version now. x

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! I don’t usually wear red, so thanks for saying that 🙂 You should make a dress!

  • Suzanne Williams

    So pretty!! The red really looks really good on you and I love the zipper 🙂

  • This is beautiful! Red looks so good on you! I certainly hope you have the opportunity to wear it before Christmas.

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! I was just looking through your blog and you make a lot of really pretty clothes! This is literally the only red thing in my closet…I need some more color in there!

  • This is such a beautiful dress! Nice work!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!

  • Kelly I am obsessed with this dress! I’ve been catching up with all your posts, and I just gotta say that red is your color! lovely