Chocolate Chip Mint Grainline Alder

Can we all just take a moment to celebrate printed patterns from Grainline??  I will always, always, choose the printed version of a pattern over PDF if it’s available.  And not so much because of the printing and taping, I really don’t mind that (it’s a good excuse to have a glass of wine and binge watch some Netflix, right??)   I just feel like the whole experience is just better working with a printed pattern, and instruction booklet…not to mention the storage is so much nicer/easier.  And they are pretty to look at!  Just my opinion, obviously…I know some people love PDFs 🙂

I made an Alder Dress in August, when it was still super hot and just before a California vacation…I always have to make something new when we are going on vacation, even if it means some crazy late night sewing before the trip.  It wouldn’t be a road trip if mama wasn’t up until 1am sewing the night before 😉DSC_0436I used some black and white polka dot rayon challis I got on sale for $5 a yard from Fabric Mart…I don’t like shopping for fabric on line but sheesh, those guys know how to run a sale!  I have been really happy with the few things I have ordered from them, and they have all been deeply discounted.  So if you don’t have good local fabric shopping I would say it is worth checking them out.  But wait for a sale- they have them pretty often from what I can tell.

This fabric does fine in the washer and dryer, doesn’t wrinkle, and presses like a dream.  Just ever-so-slightly sheer so I made a little half slip to go underneath:DSC_0002When it came time to pick out buttons I opted for some in the prettiest shade of mint, and then proceeded to have chocolate chip mint cravings for the duration of sewing the dress, and every time I wear it 🙂  I don’t usually go for cutesy details but I love these mint buttons!DSC_0481Since my fabric was so inexpensive, and because I have such good luck with Grainline patterns I skipped the muslin.  My measurements fall into a size 0 bust, and size 4 waist and hip…so I went with the size 2.  I feel like it’s a little big, which is why I made up a quick self fabric belt to cinch it up.  I ended up really liking the look of it with the belt!  Next time I will probably size down, depending on the fabric I use.  Here it is without the belt:DSC_0489 DSC_0491Not bad, but just felt a little too sack-like for me.  Probably partially because I added 1 1/2″ in length, that was the only change I made to the pattern.  It all came together nicely despite my sort of hurried/slapdash/stupid-deadline sewing.  I wore it a TON while the weather was still warm.  This is my kind of dress- comfortable and casual…I even wore it to a wedding and when my husband saw me he said I looked like Carrie Brownstein.  Which I took as a compliment 😉DSC_0476DSC_0457DSC_0440I bought a couple of really nice silks to make more of these, but at this point I am planning to wait for spring/summer to sew them up.  I have lots of fun winter projects I want to work on like jeans, overalls/dungarees, sweatshirts, coats…