Chambray Archer

This poor Archer shirt has been shoved in a corner, mostly finished for quite some time now. Not for any reason other than I got really busy with some other projects.  As soon as I had some downtime I knew I needed to finish it!DSC_0309What can I say?  This is another great pattern by Jen of Grainline.  I didn’t make any changes other than lengthening the sleeves by 1/2 inch.  Believe it or not, this is the first button up (down?) shirt I have ever owned! ***DSC_0315I wasn’t sure if it would be my style, but I figured it would be a good item to layer over dresses and tank tops during the summer.  Here I am wearing it over one of my Mission Maxi dresses. The fabric is a super lightweight, very soft chambray. DSC_0322I didn’t know if I would like the contrast top stitching, but now that it is finished I really do like it.  It was a beast while I was sewing though- that cream colored thread showed every little bobble.  I had to redo a few areas, but overall it went OK.DSC_0349I would say that the pattern instructions are geared towards an intermediate sewist…I was a bit lost on parts but Jen did a sew along, and those posts and videos really saved me.   Now that I have made it once the next one will go a lot easier.  DSC_0356

This was my first time really sewing buttonholes on my new machine (I got a Juki a couple of months ago.)  It did a great job!  I am so happy to be able to sew nice buttonholes easily, my old machine was not the greatest.  I also used a special foot to sew the buttons on…it may possibly be the best $10 I have ever spent, sooooo much faster than sewing them all on by hand!DSC_0339

I like the angled cuffs!

Overall, I would say this is a great pattern that I will definitely make again!  I have two more versions planned and I hope to get to them soon.  I’ll leave you with a random shot of me by an old tractor 🙂DSC_0369***OK, so my husband corrected me on this…I used to be an airline pilot, and I wore button up shirts to work every day.  But it was a uniform!  So I don’t really think that counts.  

  • I bought this pattern as well, but haven’t got to it yet. Your version is fantastic and I’m amazed it is your first button up shirt. It looks great.

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!

  • Your archer turned out great. The first one I made turned out just okay. I was too excited to wait for all of the sew along instructions, so I messed up a few steps (like attaching the collar stand to the shirt). I just bought some gingham fabric that I would like to use to give the pattern a second try. And I totally agree that the sew along Jen did was incredibly helpful!

    • Kelly

      Some of it definitely had me scratching my head! Like when you sew the ends of the collar stand closed…I totally messed it up the first time and had to rip it out and redo it.

  • I think I need this pattern… and your chambray one is beautiful! A chambray shirt is so versatile in a wardrobe and very on trend!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I highly recommend any of the Grainline patterns, they are just beautifully drafted. I have some polka dot chambray I would like to use for my next Archer 🙂

  • Very nice shirt! The chambray looks super comfy, and I love the way you paired it with the striped maxi skirt. I especially like it tied at the waist. The foot for sewing buttons on by machine was definitely a good investment. My first time sewing buttons on by machine was like a life-changing experience. Haha! I’m not a fan of handsewing, so I was beyond happy.

    • Kelly

      Oh I am not a fan of hand sewing either! The button foot definitely made me do a little happy dance 🙂

  • Katie

    I love this! I think I definitely need to attempt Archer this summer. I have the pattern but just haven’t pieced together all the pages yet (I hate that about PDF patterns — my constant gripe!). But this is such a great classic shirt.

    Fabulous job! And I love the look of the contrast top stitching.

    • Kelly

      I know what you mean about the PDF patterns…I don’t even mind taping them together but I really dislike cutting the edges off the paper. I usually plan a whole evening for it, and there is chocolate and wine involved 🙂 But I read that she (Jen) is working on printed patterns!

      • Oh I’d be so psyched if she started doing printed patterns! I gladly pay the extra money and wait the few extra days to get Colette, Sewaholic and Megan Nielsen patterns in paper. So worth it, in my opinion!

  • Clover

    This looks so great on you. Does the fit feel comfortable? I bought a button down chambray shirt this year that I love and wear all the time. It’s good to know I can replace it at some point:-)

    • Kelly

      Thank you! It is soooo super comfortable- the fit is relaxed and this fabric is dreamy, really soft 🙂

  • this looks awesome! so profesh. i love the last photo in front of the tractor!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! I felt kinda silly posing with the tractor BUT- it was there, I had to do it!

  • Great job Kelly, those chambray shirts are calling to me, especially paired with a cascade skirt. Also love the shot with the tractor, your pics always look so professional!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I totally wanted to pair it with my Cascade skirt, but I didn’t want to repeat it on here so quickly…I am working on the photography, they are definitely better sometimes than others! I just started an online photography course- it’s something I really like and want to get better at 🙂

  • Love it. Definitely my favourite Archer so far!

    • Kelly

      Wow, thank you!!

  • love the shirt, it looks really great! chambray archers are the best. i have an unblogged one waiting to be photographed… 😉

    • Kelly

      I see chambray button up shirts everywhere, I figured I should make one! Plus I wanted something easy for my first one, I have some plaid fabric I bought for this pattern but didn’t want to match up the plaids first time around 🙂 Can’t wait to see your version!

  • Not sure what I’m more impressed by, the fact you used to be an airline pilot or your chambray shirt haha! I love your version of the Archer, and particularly like the chambray with the white top-stitching, such nice detail. The chambray you’ve chosen looks gorgeous quality too.

    • Kelly

      Haha…it seems like another lifetime but it was really fun! My days are now spent caring for my little ones- very fun in a much different way 🙂 I found this chambray at a local shop and it is just incredibly soft, I love it!

  • Jen

    The shirt looks so good, especially over that awesome dress – perfect pairing! I also am in awe that you were an airline pilot, what a cool job!

    • Kelly

      Thank you Jen! I love your patterns, they come together so nicely. And I use your sewing tutorials on your site all the time!

  • Audrey

    Your topstitching looks gorgeous (so do you)! I love the tractor photo best, love the modest airline pilot confession, and love that you find time to finish projects. You inspire me in many ways.

    FYI, “button up” refers to collared shirts with buttons all the way up the front, collar to hem, while “button down” refers exclusively to those with button holes in the collar points and buttons under them on the shirt, so that the collar can be buttoned down over a tie. That blue-rusty orange combo is exciting me….I must use it in a quilt. Nice work indeed!

  • Kelly

    Thank you so much!! Finding time is hard…I devote most of my evenings to sewing and stay up too late working on projects- I can’t help it! I always have about 10 projects (at least) in my brain at a time. Thanks for the shirt type explanation, it totally makes sense!

  • wait, “used to be an airline pilot”?????????? I think a sentence like that needs more elaboration! OH and nice archer shirt!

    • Kelly

      Hahaha…oh, it just seems so long ago. But the short story is this: I got a job as a flight attendant in my early 20s, and after watching the pilots for a while decided “I can do that!” So I went to flight school, got all my pilot ratings, worked as a flight instructor for a while, and then got an airline job. I never planned on having kids, but ended up changing my mind on that later (obviously) 🙂 So when I got pregnant with my first daughter I quit flying, and haven’t gone back! I still have flying dreams occasionally but I will probably not go back to it. As my girls get older I would like to find some work in a more creative field, but for now I am happy staying home with them and sewing in my spare time 🙂

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