Catching up- stuff I made while I was away

I have so many things I have made or been working on lately that I thought I would do a quick “catch up” post…I’ll ask forgiveness for the phone/bathroom mirror/bad lighting pics 🙂

First up are a couple of Colette Mabel skirts…I loved making these- a super quick sew and a fun pattern.  I particularly like the pencil skirt version with the seaming in the front (that you totally can’t see in this picture, sorry!) and a little kick pleat in the back.  The black mini is a ponte knit, and the other is a lightweight french terry.  Both t-shirts are a slimmed down version of the Plantain tee, which is my go-to pattern for t-shirts!


Speaking of t-shirts…here are a few I made recently.  The short sleeved versions are the afore mentioned modified Plantains, and the baseball tee is a Lane Raglan.  None of these have been hemmed yet, they hang sadly in my closet and give me the UFO guilt feelings every time I see them.  The olive tee hasn’t even been sewn yet.  Not enough hours in the evening people!!  I have been trying to go to bed at a reasonable time and it seriously cuts into my productivity.

IMG_3758 IMG_3752

I knitted some things…a Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat (that took forever) and a Elliston Scarf by Jane Richmond on the left…another Gaptastic Cowl on the right in a pretty obnoxious neon pink and gray.  Not really my color, but then again is neon pink really flattering on anyone?  It’s warm and cozy and fun even if it isn’t the most complimentary color 😉


I made these Pendleton clutches (left) as Christmas gifts, using the Valencia Clutch pattern from the first Colette Seamwork magazine.  That pile of goodness on the right is going to be a Retro Rucksack for moi, as soon as I can get a spare chunk of time to sew it up…my current bag that I lug around is in a sorry state so hopefully that happens soon!

IMG_3676 IMG_3691

I made a scarf with cats on it (random).  And I have been playing around with this lace (somewhat unsuccessfully).

IMG_3768 IMG_3819

I have taken stock of my bra making supplies, and ordered a few more along with a kit from Blackbird Fabrics.  My hopes are to have a collection of Watson bras and undies soon!  I started knitting my first sweater, a classic raglan pullover (another Jane Richmond pattern).  I am making it a few sizes too big in hopes it will be cool and oversized and not just ill-fitting.

IMG_3786 IMG_3789

I’ve been making Grainline Linden sweatshirts like it’s my job…more on that later, I believe they deserve their own post.  I’m up to 5 now, including one woven and a couple more on the way…

IMG_3809 IMG_3827IMG_3803

Also upcoming-  I am, after a few setbacks (including overpriced ribbing from France that ended up totally sucking it) in the final stages of a Papercut Rigel Bomber for #rigelbomberjanuary.  Also, if you follow along on Instagram you saw my Archer marathon- I made 5 Archers, assembly line style…I am sifting through photos and will have a post on these guys soon, promise!

IMG_3861 IMG_3487

Phew!!  Glad to get that off my chest.  I am always, ALWAYS, making something and am reluctant to trade sewing time for blogging…but I am going to consider myself caught up and hopefully get back to taking photos and getting stuff blogged.  Upcoming projects I am excited about are some Ginger jeans, that new Grainline coat, some woven Hudson pants, more t-shirts, some simple maxi skirts, and OVERALLS- I need some Turia Dungarees in a bad, bad way.  See you soon 🙂