Another Lace Scout + Silk Infinity Scarf

I wanted to do a quick follow up to my last post about my Jamie Jeans…after I had blathered on forever about the jeans I wanted to wait and do a separate post for my top and scarf- these guys:DSC_0117 (1)Both are from fabric I picked up when Bolt was having their big sale- I went intending to buy a few basic solids, and came out with these.  Stretch lace and silk double gauze can be basics, right??   I thought I would make Scout Tees with both of them, but I quickly realized that the silk, while beautiful and incredibly soft, also snagged very easily.  And I knew the first time I snagged my new silk tee I would be upset sooooo…I made a scarf instead!  And snagged it the first time I wore it, ha.  But it is not noticeable at all the way it would have been on a shirt.  This scarf is loooonnnng.  I can wrap it three times (like above) or twice:DSC_0125 (1)Here it is all unfurled:DSC_0130 (1)It is amazingly soft and feels very luxurious to wear, I love it.

My top is another lace Scout Tee (previous version here). I loved this stretch lace fabric the first time I saw it, isn’t the color amazing?  It can be hard to wear yellow but I feel like this shade is perfect.DSC_0139All my machine wanted to do is eat this fabric, I tried lots of different things but ended up sewing most of it on my serger.  I didn’t have the right color serger thread so I wound the matching regular thread on bobbins and used those in my serger.  The fabric had a 1/2″ wide solid strip at each selvage, so I cut the main pieces on that edge so I could use that for the hem. I turned it under and was able to convince my machine (with a walking foot) to sew a decent hem.  For the neckline and sleeve hems, I first serged the edges to reinforce them a bit, then folded them under and hemmed.  I have another stretch lace top on my list, and I think I am going to try using a strip of knit fabric as a facing for the hems, I think it will work better.DSC_0162So there you go!  For my next project I just started working on a military style Sewaholic Minoru jacket, with this scrummy cotton twill I ordered from Mood- the description says it is soft, and they aren’t kidding, it’s amazing.  It’s my first jacket and I am all kinds of excited…wish me luck!

  • yay i was there when you got these! fun to see them come to life – you look awesome. can’t wait to see your minoru!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! It is always more fun shopping with friends 🙂 I am excited about the Minoru, I am adding some extra bits and hope it all comes together OK. Maybe even a little O + S thrown in there 😉

  • I love both of these! I just bought the scout tee pattern and some lace….hopefully my machine will be okay sewing it and not try and eat it up!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! I have sewn a couple other lace tees and my machine has done fine with both- I did french seams. But with this one, it just didn’t like this particular lace. So you should be fine, and maybe try a walking foot if it’s not working out.

  • That lace is an amazing colour – it works with the scout pattern so well. That scarf looks like a dream to wear!

    • Kelly

      Thanks! Yes they are both getting a lot of wear 🙂

  • Jennifer R

    Both fabrics are beautiful–looks like you found the perfect use for each, I love blues and yellows together. Here’s another knot to try with the scarf:

    • Kelly

      Ooo, nice- I’ll try that out!

  • i love your lace scout! if i ever find lace i like i’m totally copying you. and the scarf looks so luxurious, silk double gauze? would probably have been a pain to sew anything more complicated anyways! 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks Lisa! It is hard to find nice lace fabric I think…a lot of it feels or looks cheap (even if it isn’t!) This was a bit on the expensive side but the quality is very nice. And yes, the double gauze…I am glad I made the scarf because in any other form I think it would look a bit scraggly over time.

  • lynn

    beautiful! incredible! absolutely stunning!

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much!!

  • Theresia

    Love the scarfe and tee 🙂
    For people struggling with lace, another option is Guterman’s Ultra Solvy. I used it for the seams on a recent lace project (my first time using lace, and it was stretch lace too). I found it fiddly, but it meant the seams were easy, and it melts away afterwards when you rinse it. It was definitely worth it for me 🙂

  • Jen

    Man that is a good color yellow and awesome silk print! Even better together. If they disappear from your closet I did not steal them…

    • Kelly

      Haha, well I would probably steal your entire closet if I could 😉

  • Your tee and your scarf and your jeans came together as such a nice outfit! I love the colors and your jeans look so perfect on you!
    These are all patterns I want to make up eventually