A Jersey Saltspring

Hello all!  Well, we are starting to get settled in from our move, but still have quite a few boxes lurking around…slow and steady progress.  Today I went to my first ballet class here, and it was sooooo great to be back at it.  I started taking an adult beginner ballet class a couple of years ago, and I just fell in love with it!  Highly recommend if you have it available in your area 🙂  Anyhoo, I finally got around to taking photos of my Sewaholic Saltspring dress!  I made this last month, and I have worn it a bunch.DSC_0325It’s a pretty simple dress to sew, especially because I skipped the zipper.   I knew I could leave it out with the stretch factor of the jersey, but I have read elsewhere that you can probably leave it out with a woven fabric too.  I also reduced some of the “blousing” effect, by shortening the outside bodice pieces by 1 inch.DSC_0318Since there was no zipper I cut the back on the fold, subtracting the middle seam allowances.  Easy!  For the straps-  the selvedge of the fabric was all curled up, so I just cut that off and braided it.  I love how it looks, although I think I could have been more careful to make sure they weren’t lumpy where they attach to the bodice.  Oh well, I would imagine it’s one of those things that no one would notice but me 🙂DSC_0370The fabric is a super soft, medium weight jersey made from organic cotton and soy.  I think.  It has been in my stash for a while and was really the only fabric I had enough of to make this in a maxi length.  DSC_0344My sewing machines are still packed away, and this was the last of my finished projects.  I have lots of things lined up for fall sewing, and I thought since I can’t sew I might start cutting them out (I do have access to my fabric and patterns).  That way I will still be making progress and when I start sewing things will zoom right along!  Top items on the list right now are the Jamie jeans from Named patterns, a knit wolf dress (what?), a plaid Archer button up (bumped up on the list after seeing Jen’s on Instagram– holy cuteness!!), a Victoria blazer, more jeans…that should keep me busy for a while 🙂  What are you working on for fall??

  • Love this! Absolutely my favourite Saltspring! NOW I’m tempted to buy the pattern.

    • Kelly

      Awww, thanks so much! I do recommend the pattern, it came together easily without any headaches.

  • I’m on the fence about my woven one, but your Saltspring makes me want to give a stab at it again in a knit! Beautiful dress!

    • Kelly

      I knew I would make it in a knit the first time I saw the pattern! Your dress looks pretty in the pictures, but sometimes things just don’t feel right…hope you give it a try in a knit, it is sooooo super comfortable and easy to wear 🙂

  • Beautiful! I plan to make mine in jersey too. It just looks so comfy! I know summer is quickly coming to a close but it should work well with a cardi, right?

    • Kelly

      Yes! I don’t think I will ever make this in a woven, my knit version is too comfy 🙂 I figure I will put this pattern away for a while but I definitely want to make a shorter version for next summer! And I will wear this one with a cardi for sure.

  • Your plaited straps are a brilliant idea! Such a cute detail 🙂

    Hope you’re all settled in soon. Moving & unpacking is soooo exhausting & even when you HAVE unpacked stuff it’s always impossible to remember where you put anything since nothing has a ‘home’ yet! Gah!!

    • Kelly

      Thanks!! We are getting there, but that is the hardest part for me- finding a place for everything!

  • I love this dress! I want this pattern!!! The braided straps are perfection. Great job!

    • Kelly

      Thanks, and I can totally see you in this dress Margo!

  • I just love the braiding on this, well of course I love the whole dress, the colour is perfect on you, but there is just something super about those straps. That wolf fabric is super cute and I can see why you’ve bumped up that archer… my eyes are firmly on spring, but that archer looks great.

    • Kelly

      Thank you!! I have some light blue and pink plaid that has been hanging out in my stash, just waiting to be an Archer…

  • Gosh I love this . Got to try this pattern and in a jersey too. Looks like the kind of dress you could just live in all day, every day.

    • Kelly

      Thanks!! It is so nice to wear, I definitely recommend it in jersey 🙂 I wore it to the beach the other day and it was perfect!

  • Jo

    It’s stunning! My favourite Saltspring too. And the plaited straps are genius – so pretty. As I’m on the opposite side of the world to you I’m thinking about summer sewing including some Lakeside pjs, an Amelia dress and some light weight Thurlows. Enjoy your dress.

    • Kelly

      Thank you so much! Those are all great projects, I want to make them too!

  • Cecillia

    Beautiful! Love the colour! I like the reduced blousing too.

    • Kelly

      Thanks! The color wasn’t quite what I expected when I ordered the fabric but I like it too.

  • That braided strap? Genius and gorgeous! Seriously, I oohed and ahhed when I saw that detail!

    • Kelly

      Thank you! I felt like I had to do something to spice it up a little 😉

  • the braiding was truly a stroke of genius! especially nice detail for a solid colored dress. i so badly want a jersey version, it looks soooo comfy! i’m totally ready for fall sewing. i don’t have my plans nailed down quite yet, but i believe they will include a basic dress for some year round layering, jeans, a blazer, a plaid archer, a couple hemlock tees, a lady skater or two… we’ll see how much i get to!

    • Kelly

      Thanks, I definitely recommend one in jersey…it is super comfortable! Your fall list sounds awesome, I am excited to see the jeans especially!

  • So lovely!! And I especially like the plaited straps 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thank you!!

  • Debera

    I’m selfishly hoping you can get to your sewing machines soon – I love seeing what you come up with! This dress is adorable and I do like the braided straps. It’s a perfect dress for an outdoor concert or out to dinner or just grabbing provisions at the grocery store. Your understated style is spot on.

    • Kelly

      Awww, thank you so much! And I think the sewing room will be operational soon….just one more IKEA trip and I will be able to get it set up 🙂

  • The straps are fab, what a great idea. The colour is lovely.
    Looking forward to seeing your next creations when you get your machines back out.
    I’m halfway through a Sewaholic Robson Trench but my list of planned projects just keeps getting longer….

    • Kelly

      That trench is definitely tempting, I have liked every version I have seen so far! The list is always growing, isn’t it??

  • This is gorgeous! I love those straps and that fabric looks heavenly to wear. I really like how you reduced some of the blousiness.

    • Kelly

      Thank you! It is sooooo comfortable, the fabric is really soft.

  • Way cute! That’s the perfect summer dress. I love the braided straps.

    Your to-do list!!! Those jeans are so incredible. They’re definitely in my queue as well. And I haven’t even finished one Archer, but I’d like to have millions that I can rotate daily. Or maybe just like five of them.

    • Kelly

      Thank you! Archers….I took forever to make the one, and I want so many more. I could probably just have a to-do list made entirely of Archers. And Scout tees. Oh, and that blazer pattern that she is coming out with, haha.

  • It’s lovely! I’ve been wondering how this would look with less blousing. I think it defines the waist a lot more, and it’s what I plan to do when I get round to making this – cheers, Sarah 🙂

    • Kelly

      Thanks! Yeah, the blousing doesn’t really work for me- but it was easy to take out. I still left about an inch of extra length for blousing.

  • Ooh! That looks so comfy yet so chic! I do prefer it with less blousing: it’s more flattering. Might get this one next summer…

    • Kelly

      It is such a great summer dress, our weather has turned to Fall but I will wear this a lot next summer 🙂

  • Love this Saltspring! It just looks so easy to wear. Love the braided straps too.

    • Kelly

      Thanks!! It feels like wearing pajamas, which I think is awesome 🙂

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