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Chocolate Chip Mint Grainline Alder

Can we all just take a moment to celebrate printed patterns from Grainline??  I will always, always, choose the printed version of a pattern over PDF if it’s available.  And not so much because of the printing and taping, I really don’t mind that (it’s a good excuse to have a glass of wine and binge watch some Netflix, right??)   I just feel like the whole experience is just better working with a printed pattern, and instruction booklet…not to mention the storage is so much nicer/easier.  And they are pretty to look at!  Just my opinion, obviously…I know some people love PDFs 🙂

I made an Alder Dress in August, when it was still super hot and just before a California vacation…I always have to make something new when we are going on vacation, even if it means some crazy late night sewing before the trip.  It wouldn’t be a road trip if mama wasn’t up until 1am sewing the night before 😉DSC_0436 Continue reading