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Me Made May- I’m In!


Well, I finally decided to just go for it and make my pledge to participate in Me-Made-May again this year, here it is:

‘I, Kelly (, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’14. I endeavour to wear all me-made clothing (excluding undies and socks) each day for the duration of May 2014’

My pledge last year was to wear one me-made item each day, so I wanted to up the challenge a bit this year.  I pretty much wear all hand made these days anyway, but I want to be a bit more conscious about it and try to wear some things that have been sitting in my closet unworn for a while.  (And also get to some small mending/alterations to make some items wearable again!) Last year it gave me a really good sense of what I liked to wear, and what was missing from my hand made wardrobe.  Not to mention the awesome MMM community, everyone was so nice and supportive and they really kept me enthusiastic all of the way through!

The documentation can be a bit tedious, so I am going to just do Instagram selfies for the most part- and maybe a round-up here at the end of the month.  So follow me on Insta, I am @cutcutsew…see you there!

Cocoon Cardigan + Virginia Leggings

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of casual sewing with some french terry and jersey- here are a couple of my new pieces!  I made this cocoon cardigan using the tutorial on True Bias.  It’s easy to follow, and a really quick thing to sew up.  DSC_0156For the fabric I wanted something appropriately drapey and cozy, and I had this hemp/organic cotton jersey in my stash that was perfect. Continue reading

Giveaway winner!!

Hi guys!!  Thank you so very much for all of your feedback in response to my giveaway question, which was “What do you like to see on sewing blogs?”.  I enjoyed reading each and every comment, and it gave me lots to think about.

The lucky winner is Chantal, who said:

“I can’t believe you’ve made so many things in a year! You put my year to shame, ha ha! I like to see pretty pictures of finished garments, but I also like all the details about construction, what worked, what didn’t, pattern reviews, etc. I’m learning to sew entirely from reading blogs, so I find it very helpful. So, basically I like everything :)

I would choose the Portside Travel Set from Grainline. Happy bloggy birthday, and thanks for the giveaway!”

Chantal blogs at A Handmade Wardrobe, and she always makes the nicest things.  I appreciate her efforts to use environmentally friendly materials, and she just made shoes- you should check them out!  Congrats Chantal 🙂