Monthly Archives: February 2014

Sleeveless Lace Hemlock Tee

Surprise!  I made another lace tee…I have a bit of an addiction to lace t-shirts, and why not??They are easy to make, easy to wear, and they make my comfy-running-around-after-the-kids outfits feel a little less “momish”.  That’s how I feel anyway 😉   This time I used the (free!) Hemlock Tee pattern from the amazingly talented Jen of Grainline Studio.DSC_0007 Continue reading

Kid’s Clothes Week Wrap Up (Winter ’14)

It’s that time again…if you’re not familiar, Kid’s Clothes Week happens for one week each season.  The goal is to work on making kid’s clothes for one hour a day, every day, for 7 days.  I use it as a time to motivate myself to sew for my kids, because most of my sewing is done for meeeeeeee!  I don’t really feel bad about it- women’s clothes is more where my passion for sewing lies.  But every time I am working on something for myself they always ask “Are you making that for me?”  I think it’s sweet that they want me to sew for them, and I know it may not last, so it is nice to indulge in making some pretty things for them.  Here’s what I made last week!DSC_0540 Continue reading