Monthly Archives: June 2013

It’s Pajama (Pyjama) Time!!

When I saw that Karen of Did You Make That? was having another pajama party this year I got excited!  A few months ago I had gone on a wild pajama fabric buying binge, with the idea to sew an entire lounge/pajama wardrobe for myself.  When I get home from whatever we have been doing, I almost always change into some sort of loungewear for the remainder of the day/evening. Unfortunately my most current lounging wardrobe consisted of stretched out maternity pants and tops that are comfortable, but not exactly easy on the eyes 🙂  So in the interest of not looking like a homeless lady anymore, I decided to sew up a combination of dresses and pajama pants that would be comfortable but also fun and pretty.

So here we go, let’s start with the pants!DSC_0030Ooops! Missed that thread hanging at the bottom 🙂 Continue reading

It’s time for some stashbusting show and tell!

OK guys…it had to happen sooner rather than later.  I am officially busting my stash!  Now, I am not sure how my stash compares to others as far as size, but it has become overwhelming to me.  I made a resolution at the start of this year to only buy fabric when I have a specific project in mind, but unfortunately that hasn’t slowed me down as I am constantly dreaming up new projects!  The other day I ordered more fabric for a dress that I had dreamed up the night before, and after I finished the order I clicked over to Bloglovin’ and read this post.  Perfect timing, and just the kick start I needed to make this happen (thanks Margo!).  SO…this is gonna be a long one- would you like to see my stash?   Continue reading