Papercut Clover Dress in Wanderer

I had sworn off dresses, promising to only make separates for a while…but when I saw this print from April Rhodes new fabric line, Wanderer, I thought it was a perfect match for the Papercut Clover dress.  April had contacted me and asked if I would like some of her new fabric in advance of it’s release, and I immediately said “um, yes please!!”  I have been mostly turning down blog tours and the like, but every now and then something comes along that gets me super excited and makes me say yes even though I loathe deadlines.  April has designed another really great collection of prints, you can peep them all here.DSC_0755I made this dress up in one of the knits from Wanderer- there are 3 knits in this collection!  It’s a really nice cotton/spandex blend- not too thin, nice and soft and drapey with good recovery.  The “V” insert is some lace I found locally, and I backed it with some flesh colored knit from my stash.  At least on me, that V is a bit too revealing with just lace on it’s own- something I was unsure of when looking at versions of the pattern on line.  

DSC_0735This is my second time working with a Papercut pattern- I made a Rigel Bomber recently that should be on the blog sometime soon (you can see it on Instagram here).  I have really liked them so far!  The packaging is fantastic, and I like the fit and style of both.  I did size down as it seems like they run a little big.  My measurements fall into the XS size, but I made both patterns in a XXS.  I’ll definitely be trying some more of their patterns in the future!DSC_0749 This dress feels very casual in a knit, I would like to make it up in a really drapey silk or rayon and see how it looks in a dressier fabric.  I made the tassel belt also, which is included in the pattern instructions.  It was really easy and uses 5 skeins of embroidery thread which are like 40 cents each, so cheap to make also.  I have to say it might be my favorite part of the dress, ha!DSC_0647 DSC_0728All in all this was a fun little project, and I am happy to get a jump start on some spring/summer sewing.  You can check out all of the other stops on the Wanderer tour here:

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I made five Archers and only went a little bit crazy

When the Grainline Studio Archer pattern came out in print I got a little excited and made a spur of the moment decision to assembly line style sew five Archers at once.  I figured it would take me a few  weeks….try six!  Six weeks.  Of nothing but Archers.  I’ll be honest- I was very ready to be sewing something else by the end of that time, haha.DSC_0331DSC_0336But hey- mission accomplished!  I burned through most of my “Archer stash” and I now have a total of seven Archers hanging in my closet- one for every day of the week!DSC_0486*Camouflage pockets!  I sorta wish I would have done them on the bias, but oh well.  They do show up a bit more in real life.
Archer x 5 This time around I went up a size, to a 4.  I also added a couple inches to the body length, and went with my standard of adding 1/2″ to the sleeves.  I have long arms, yes….and I like my sleeves a little on the long side as well.DSC_0432 Archer x 51On the two different polka dot chambray shirts I used the pockets from the Alder pattern, with 1/4″ added all around to make them just a bit bigger.DSC_0749 DSC_0445My thoughts on sewing assembly line style?  I don’t think it is for me, really….at least not on a complicated project like this.  I would definitely cut them all at the same time, but probably space the sewing out a bit.  I was going just a little bonkers by the end.  I am also trying to get over my compulsion to make ten zillion versions of every pattern I like…not being too successful though as I have made five Linden sweatshirts and have two more cut out :)  And I may just have a few more Archers planned…I can’t stop!

Catching up- stuff I made while I was away

I have so many things I have made or been working on lately that I thought I would do a quick “catch up” post…I’ll ask forgiveness for the phone/bathroom mirror/bad lighting pics :)

First up are a couple of Colette Mabel skirts…I loved making these- a super quick sew and a fun pattern.  I particularly like the pencil skirt version with the seaming in the front (that you totally can’t see in this picture, sorry!) and a little kick pleat in the back.  The black mini is a ponte knit, and the other is a lightweight french terry.  Both t-shirts are a slimmed down version of the Plantain tee, which is my go-to pattern for t-shirts!


Speaking of t-shirts…here are a few I made recently.  The short sleeved versions are the afore mentioned modified Plantains, and the baseball tee is a Lane Raglan.  None of these have been hemmed yet, they hang sadly in my closet and give me the UFO guilt feelings every time I see them.  The olive tee hasn’t even been sewn yet.  Not enough hours in the evening people!!  I have been trying to go to bed at a reasonable time and it seriously cuts into my productivity.

IMG_3758 IMG_3752

I knitted some things…a Purl Soho Boyfriend Hat (that took forever) and a Elliston Scarf by Jane Richmond on the left…another Gaptastic Cowl on the right in a pretty obnoxious neon pink and gray.  Not really my color, but then again is neon pink really flattering on anyone?  It’s warm and cozy and fun even if it isn’t the most complimentary color ;)


I made these Pendleton clutches (left) as Christmas gifts, using the Valencia Clutch pattern from the first Colette Seamwork magazine.  That pile of goodness on the right is going to be a Retro Rucksack for moi, as soon as I can get a spare chunk of time to sew it up…my current bag that I lug around is in a sorry state so hopefully that happens soon!

IMG_3676 IMG_3691

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Popover Poncho Pattern Giveaway Winner!

printed-ponco_1164d482-40b2-4398-9f3b-c9ccd6404743_grandeThe winner of the April Rhodes Popover Poncho pattern is:

Randi, who said:

“I have been out of touch with the sewists’ world for a long time. This is something that will bring me out of the void! Cute. I need to check out some fabrics to see what’s out there. Beautiful example here!”

Congrats Randi!!  Shoot me an email ( so we can get you that pattern :)