Grainline Linden Sweatshirt, Times Four

I made a bunch of Grainline Linden sweatshirts this winter, and I have worn them in pretty constant rotation ever since!  This first one is probably my most worn- it is super comfortable in a organic cotton/hemp blend heavy weight jersey (feels like a light weight french terry).  DSC_0772 (1) When I got this pattern I didn’t think I would make the short sleeve/cropped version….I only tried it because I was short on fabric.  But it has turned out to be my favorite view!  It feels a bit more stylish than a standard sweatshirt, but still cozy and comfortable.  I added bands to the arms and waist, so it is a bit of a hybrid of the two views in the pattern.  I made my bands just slightly shorter in length than the body of the sweatshirt, because I didn’t want any gathering of the fabric.DSC_0785 This next one is made up in a Liberty fleece…I wish I could say that I felt this fabric is worth the price, but honestly it feels a bit “meh” to me.  It’s fairly thick, cotton sweatshirt fabric.  A little stiff after several wash/dry cycles, and so you are paying mostly for the print.  Which I really love, but at $40 per yard….I dunno.  I actually got it on sale from for $34 and only used one yard, so I guess I’m good with it.  DSC_0826 In all my Linden making (and a Rigel Bomber that hasn’t made it here to the blog yet) I have explored lots of different ribbing fabric.  The conclusion that I have come to is- don’t even bother with ribbing that doesn’t have lycra in it.  Good recovery is key, and at least with the ones I have used it’s just not there without some lycra to bring it back in.  The ribbing on this sweatshirt is due to be replaced- it is all cotton and after washing/wearing for a while it is all stretched out and not looking so great.  A shame, because the color was a perfect match!  But I have some cream colored ribbing (with lycra!) to replace it.  I don’t have any really great sources to report- I’ve bought some locally, some on line, and had mixed results always.DSC_0834 This next one was a fun experiment that actually worked out!  I bought this yummy mammoth flannel and promptly made a really ugly poncho with it…and then had the idea to try and salvage the fabric by making a woven Linden.  Cut on the bias, this fabric is quite stretchy!  And thick, and soft…perfect for a sweatshirt.  DSC_0815 I had this navy and white ribbing in my stash that was such a perfect match…it was pure happiness putting these two fabrics together :)  This definitely feels like a wintery shirt so it hasn’t been worn a a while but I will be living in it next fall/winter.IMG_3827 I wish you could come over and feel this next fabric- it’s basically the most perfectly squishy, thick french terry with large loops on the back side.  AND it has matching ribbing.  The holy grail!!  I got it on Etsy (french terry here, matching ribbing here). I love this sweatshirt and wear it all the time around the house.  It does make it outside too, but I feel a little “mom in sweats” when I wear it so…it mostly sticks to school runs and quick grocery store trips.DSC_0837I wanted to start sharing size information with you- sometimes I read blog post and I am all like “PLEASE TELL ME WHAT SIZE YOU MADE!!” but I feel a bit rude asking (not that I’ve never asked, hehe)  So I’ll add that info from now on:

My measurements:   Bust 32″  Waist 27″  Hip 36″

Size made:  Size 2, no adjustments other than making up my own bands for the cropped versions

DSC_0838I love this pattern, like all Grainline patterns.  I always have complete confidence that I will end up with a professional, well fitting garment in the end.  And that’s pretty cool :)  I am super excited for her blazer pattern to come out!

Papercut Clover Dress in Wanderer

I had sworn off dresses, promising to only make separates for a while…but when I saw this print from April Rhodes new fabric line, Wanderer, I thought it was a perfect match for the Papercut Clover dress.  April had contacted me and asked if I would like some of her new fabric in advance of it’s release, and I immediately said “um, yes please!!”  I have been mostly turning down blog tours and the like, but every now and then something comes along that gets me super excited and makes me say yes even though I loathe deadlines.  April has designed another really great collection of prints, you can peep them all here.DSC_0755 Continue reading

I made five Archers and only went a little bit crazy

When the Grainline Studio Archer pattern came out in print I got a little excited and made a spur of the moment decision to assembly line style sew five Archers at once.  I figured it would take me a few  weeks….try six!  Six weeks.  Of nothing but Archers.  I’ll be honest- I was very ready to be sewing something else by the end of that time, haha.DSC_0331 Continue reading